Part 38

“Is that all you think this is? A mere nail file?”

Suddenly the blade reveals itself. Fenrir snarls and steps back. “GRAMR!”

“Yes dog, it is. Do you fear this blade Fido?” Linda provokes. “You should. It will be your end.”

Fenrir regains his composure, and remembers why he is here. “You should fear me Linda,” Fenrir growls. “My father wants a grandchild. A very special grandchild. And you, you Linda are the one to deliver it to him.”

“I will never!” Linda exclaims.

Mumbling more to himself than to Linda, “That Norse has messed this all up.”

Linda tries to move as she holds the sword high. “Let me leave, now.”

“You know that isn’t going to happen.” Fenrir smirks. “This will end one of two ways. Either that child you carry will die, or you both will.” Feeling very sure of himself, Fenrir adds “I can always wait for the next time you are born to mate with you.”

“I will die before I allow you to harm this child.”

“As you wish.” Fenrir then lunges at Linda.

Linda holds the sword tighter as she uses it to protect herself and her unborn child. A quick swipe and she slices his ear.

“You are better with that thing, than I gave you credit for. I will not underestimate you again.”

Taking advantage of the distraction, as Fenrir wipes the blood from his ear, Linda tries her best to get to the door, so she can alert Bjorn as to what is happening. However her attempts falls short as the wolf blocks her, and swipes her face with the tip of his claws, leaving marks on her. “You’re not getting through my dear, I know who awaits you out there. We’ll stay here, and I will wear you down, then… I will have my way with you. Any way I choose.” Saliva dripping from Fenrir’s upturned snout.

Linda feels herself waver as she brings the sword down once again on the wolf. Her strength is not what it needs to be. Suddenly Huginn and Muninn appear. They fly to Linda’s side, as Fenrir bats at them. They whisper to her belly.

Linda then hefts the sword one last time, as if she is in a trance. Her dream of her childhood returning as she knows this is her fight. She must sleigh the wolf. Linda’s body begins to glow as the sword moves closer to the wolf. The tip pierces it’s mark, the wolf’s chest. With the strength of Odin and her unborn child, Linda pushes the sword in deep. In the mist of it all, she is unaware of what is happening to her own body at the same time. Fenrir lashes out, as the sword makes contact with his skin. A slice along Linda’s throat and she has begun to bleed profusely. Then a second swipe along her abdomen, and the life of her child is in jeopardy. Linda falls to the floor blood surging from her body. As Fenrir tries to remove the blade, Huginn and Muninn let out a piercing scream of a woman, then the birds disappear before Bjorn can make it through the door.



©2015 ML Steele

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