Part 37

Katie and Paige are waiting in the lobby of Linda’s building when she and Bjorn appear downstairs. The small group move out of doors and into the fresh morning air, heading to the studio, Linda had made her appointment at. The crisp cool air is very inviting after being cooped up. Linda breathes it in as her cheeks and nose begin to turn pink.

“It is a lovely day to be out and about, isn’t it?” Linda state.

“That it is,” Katie agrees.

The group walked on talking and catching up on all that had been occurring since the wedding. Finally they reached the destination. Linda had her appointment first, then Paige had hers. The photographer spent the better part of an hour on each of his subjects, dressing them up to accentuate their protruding bellies. When they had finished up, Linda declared she was hungry, and Paige seconded this motion.

“What is nearby?” Linda questions as if she had gotten amnesia from being pregnant.

“Linda,” Katie began. “We work just across the way there. Have you really forgotten?”

“I blame the lack of food.” Linda protests, then begins giggling. “I just needed reminding Katie, baby brain.”

The foursome then headed straight to a nearby restaurant Katie and Linda use to frequent over long business lunches.

They are seated immediately a table in the back by the kitchen, upon Bjorn’s request. Bjorn ask for him and Linda to sit with their backs to the wall. Katie is very understanding when he asks her to allow him to be seated by Linda. Linda takes the inner seat, across from Paige. Katie takes the outer seat facing Bjorn.

The waiter appeared immediately bringing bread and taking drink orders. He returned after a few moments, with drinks in hand. He places them on the table and begins taking food orders.

Linda asks Bjorn to excuse herself, while she goes to the bathroom, seeing as he had to rise and let her out. As She slid by him he reminds her, “Your nail file Linda shouldn’t you carry it as well?”

Linda smiles at him and retrieves it from her handbag. “Yes Sir.” Linda playfully states, as she proceeds towards the bathroom.

Linda walks in and immediately heads to a stall. She quickly uses it, emptying her pea sized bladder due to being pregnant. Linda then washes up and heads out the door, and back to her seat.

In the hallway a man stands by the door leading to the dining room. As she approaches him, she gets the strangest feeling, she had met him somewhere before. Then he speaks. “Linda I have been waiting for you.” Then it hit her. He was the stranger from the alley. The first night she met Ludvik. “I don’t know you.” Linda stammered out.

“Ah but you do, look deep inside you. You know who I am.” As Linda stands there staring at this “man” his appearance changes. The veil of the mortal world lifts from her crystal blue eyes as this handsome stranger turns into the hairy wolf of her nightmares. Linda slowly pulls the nail file out and holds it defensively in front of her. “Do you intend on filing down my sharp claws sweetheart?” Fenrir sneers. Linda glares at him.

Bjorn looks at his watch once again. “Linda is taking way to long in there, don’t you think?”

Katie and Paige look at one another. “Not really. You know she is probably in their texting Ludvik. She just wanted a bit of privacy.” Katie explains to Bjorn. “I do it all the time when I miss you.”

However, when their food arrives Bjorn rises from his seat to go in search of Linda. “I can go!” Katie exclaims.

“No, it’s best I go, just in case something is aloof. I would rather not put you in harm’s way as well.” Katie nods and smiles at Bjorn as he leaves the table and heads towards the doors that lead to the bathroom. He reaches the doors, and starts through, when he hears a woman’s blood curdling scream come from within.

©2015 ML Steele

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