Part 36

Bjorn appeared at Linda’s apartment building just as Ludvik left. He reassured Ludvik he would be extra careful today watching out for Linda.

“I just feel as though something is off. I can’t explain it.”

“I will keep her safe Ludvik. No one will get past me here.” Bjorn motioned towards the front doors. “Go take care of whatever it is you need to. I can take care of this.”

Finally after much coaxing on Bjorn’s part, Ludvik headed out. Until he reached the turn, he kept looking back over his shoulder. Making sure Bjorn was in sight.

Bjorn gave Ludvik an extra ten minutes to get further away, then he headed upstairs.

“Tap, tap” on the door, and Linda opened it immediately, a huge smile on her face.

“I didn’t think he was ever going to leave,” Linda gasps. “Let me just grab my bag, and we can go.”

“Actually I should come in for a moment first.” The smile fades from Linda’s face.

“What’s wrong? Ludvik?” Linda askes frantically.

“Don’t worry, Ludvik is fine, nothing is wrong. I just,” Bjorn then closes the door. He sprinkles something along the door way sealing them in. “The other lines on the doors and windows remain intact, correct?” Linda nods. “Now, what I need to tell you is, you should bring Gramr today.”

“How?” Linda questions. “It’s huge, I have nothing big enough to hide it in.”

Bjorn snickers, “It looks like rain, why not carry an umbrella?”

Linda looked at him dumbfounded. “It is only hidden in the umbrellas, it isn’t one.”

Bjorn walks over to retrieve Gramr from the umbrella stand. “The pink one right?”

“Bjorn, you know very well, it isn’t pink.”

Bjorn then pulls his phone from his pocket and snaps a picture for Linda of her umbrella stand. Linda’s phone dings after several seconds. “What the…… why does it?”

But before Linda could finish Bjorn starts. “You are the current owner, Sigurd gave the sword to you. The sword obeys you. What you choose others to see, is what they see.”

“You mean if I chose to make it my nail file, it would fit in a clutch?”

“Aye. Whatever you choose.”

“Hum…… I think today it will stay in my purse. Nail file it is.”

Suddenly the pink umbrella disappears from the umbrella stand and Bjorn hears a “tink” as something hits the bottom of the glazed ceramic umbrella stand. He reaches down into the jug, and pulls out a small pink handled nail file. He walks over and hands it to Linda. She takes the pink handle and slices with the file. Suddenly before Bjorn’s eyes it transforms from a nail file, into the large sword that is Gramr.

“Thank you Sigurd wherever you are,” Linda states as her mind changes the sword once again to a nail file in Bjorn’s eyes.

Bjorn laughs. “You ready then?”

“Sure, let me slip this in my bag.”

©2015 ML Steele

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