Part 35

     Linda wakes bright eyed and bushy tailed and crawls straight from bed and into the shower. An idea had come to her as she slept, and with so few days left until Christmas she was running out of time. She tried to hurry in the shower, but her mind kept drifting to  her husband’s reaction on Christmas morning. Linda finally emerged from the shower and wrapped a towel around herself twenty minutes later. Ludvik covers the door way, between Linda and their bedroom, a large grin on his face

“So, Mrs. Vidar, up before me are you?”

Linda giggles, “Hum, I think that is debatable,” as she nods down towards his shorts. Ludvik smiles as he bends towards his wife, his lips landing on hers.

“I cannot help if I find you irresistible, and beautiful with my child growing inside of you.” His hand grabs Linda’s towel and pulls it loose from her body. Ludvik’s large hand then settles on her sizeable belly.

“I love you Min Skatt.”

Ludvik’s lips once again caress Linda’s.

Several hours later, Ludvik finally leaves the apartment. It’s a bit before ten, as he heads to the elevator, messaging Bjorn he would be out till around early evening.

“Please, keep a close eye over Linda and the baby today, I feel something is off.”

     “Did something happen?”

     “No, just a feeling I have.”

     “You worry too much brother.”

     “Maybe, but still…”

     “I will keep my eyes peeled, you know she is in good hands.”

     “Aye, thank you, brother.”

Something did feel off to Ludvik about today, and Linda’s behavior had been part of it. After breakfast, she had rushed him out the door, and seemed even more excited as she closed the door in his face. He had to knock and have her open it once again, in order to tell her goodbye, and kiss her. Then once again, the door closed and the bolts went into place. He stood listening as each lock clicked.

Ludvik messaged Troy after he had messaged Bjorn, who in turn told him “It is perfectly normal. Just hormone fluctuations. Besides Ludvik, it is close to Christmas.” Ludvik felt only a small amount better, after talking with him. He couldn’t shake the nagging feeling in him that something was off.



©2015 ML Steele

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