Part 30


Odin himself closes the gate and locks it, as Vidar and Thor exit it on foot. “May your staff and hammer serve you well today.” Odin whispers to his sons.

Linda thinks to herself, “I wish they had left in their gargoyle forms. As if reading her thoughts, Odin approaches. “They will be fine. Vidar and Thor fight well together. And you, you are safe here, among us. I assure you of this. First there is an enchantment on this place, no evil can enter. Secondly if for some reason the enchantment failed, there are many Gods and Goddesses here this evening that would protect you and your child with their life, if need be.”

Linda smiles a strange smile, for she knows she is well protected, however it isn’t her safety she is concerned with. Odin then continues on.

Jace approaches Linda and Odin as they speak adamantly to one another. “I’m sorry to interrupt.” Jace begins.

“Oh, we are finished.” Odin states as he looks very intently at Linda.

“Dad,” Linda says, as her expression changes to a smile, “This is Ludvik’s father, Odin Vidar. Odin, this is my father, Jace Dalton.”

Jace extends a large strong hand in Odin’s direction. “Good to meet you,” Jace adds as Odin grasps his hand firmly. “I think its wonderful news that we are to be grandparents, don’t you?”

Odin gives a wry smile to Jace, at this comment. “Come Jace, let us get better acquainted while Linda visits with her guests.”

Once Linda is out of ear shot, Odin begins. “Jace, or” winking at him, “should I say Rollo. His grin changing to a sly one. You have done an amazing job all of these years keeping her safe, and under Fenrir’s nose.”

“Aye, it has not been easy. That one,”  his eyes faling upon Linda as she mingles, “has attracted more demons than one could have thought possible.” Jace returns.

“She still doesn’t know who you really are?” Odin asks.

“No, to her and to myself, I am her father, Odin. Always have been, always will be. She is my little girl.”

As the battle rages outside of the haven, Odin sends his ravens, Hugin and Munin, in search of an update on the uprising. Upon their return, Odin learns of the massive number of Jotuns, including Geirrod, Gjalp and Greip. Those, who had tried once to lure Thor to his death. Odin sends Hugin and Munin back out, to continue to spy on the battle from afar.

A few hours after midnight, Hugin and Munin return, directly behind them, is two gargoyles. Odin’s ravens inform him of what has occurred, before the gargoyles take shape as Thor and Vidar. Instead of going to the aid of his son, Odin is immediately in contact with Mimir.

Vidar approaches Linda. “Keep him here, his wings have been damaged. He is of no use to me in this fight.”

“I will.” Linda then places a kiss upon his lips as Vidar prepares to take off once again. “I love you.”

“And I you.” Linda hears as Vidar shouts back to her.

“Thor,” Odin begins. “What in hell happened? How could you let them corner you like that?”

Thor goes behind a large tree, and changes back into his human form, as no one seems to notice the current disturbance of his return in gargoyle form.

“It is not like I was trying to let them get the upper hand,” Thor began.

“Oh there you are,” Katie exclaimed. “I was wondering where you had gone.”

Thor sighs to himself with relief, that his father can no longer interrogate him on the battle. “Darling, I am sorry, Ludvik needed my help with something special for Linda.”

“That’s alright. You want to dance?”

“I would love to.”

“Don’t think this is done Bjorn,” Odin whispers as he eyes him leaving his side. “Mimir will want to know everything.”

Thor smiles to Odin, infuriating him more, as he follows Katie onto the floor.

Linda could see the aggravation on Odin’s face, as she stood by watching the two go at one another. Linda was that much more thankful she had loving parents growing up.

Hours passed, and finally dawn was near. A large shape appeared in the sky. Once again Odin called upon his Ravens to reveal who is approaching so fast. Hugin whispers in Odin’s ear. “Your son, flees the battle.” Munin adds, “To protect his wife and child.” “Caw caw.” They return to Odin’s body.

Vidar lands and moves towards Linda.

Finally he takes flight with Linda in his arms, bird seed flying everywhere as they depart.



©2015 ML Steele

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