Hidden Secrets

While I am working on the other story, I have been posting for y’all, I thought I would post this one. This is the first story I had ever written, outside of school work. Please excuse it’s a bit messy, and maybe not very interesting to some, but I hold this story close to my heart to this day. Thank you to my readers! Happy Reading Y’all!!






As the private jet touches down its owner Christopher Malatesta, known as Chris by most, prepares for his departure. He makes his way off the flight, and on to Irish soil for the first time in many years.

Chris is greeted by a local doctor immediately. Not a medical doctor like you may be thinking, but a philosophical one. Someone who is knowledgeable on local legend and folklore. Someone, Chris hopes can help him to find the answers he seeks. His name, Dr. Alastar Óhír. A man in his late forties Chris guesses by his appearance, however in remarkably great physical shape for a scholar.

     Dr. Alaster asks Chris “Why are you interested in such things as Irish Folklore, and the legend of the Essence.”

A devilish grin crosses Chris’s lips, “All in good time.”

Three weeks earlier:

    It was a cool autumn day at October’s beginning, as Leigh Kearney stepped from her little house. She headed up the street to meet her friends for a night out on the town. Leigh was newly divorced and living on her own once again. Her life was slowly returning to normal.

I am meeting my best friends for a night out at a local tavern we frequent. A bit of drinking and some karaoke is on the agenda tonight. I am the first to arrive and pick a table at the back and off to the left. Here we can chat and still cheer each other on if any of us take the plunge and sing.

John and Tammy are next to arrive. We give hugs, order drinks, and settle in just as someone starts to sing. The man’s choice in songs, is one I thought, best left for later in the evening, when everyone is more intoxicated.

I made my way to the ladies room, with Tammy on my heels. As we go in Tammy asks if I am really doing okay, since the divorce. My mind wanders back for a moment, then I put on a smile and say yes. She gives me a hug and says “Your life is just starting sweetie, forget the past and move forward.”

After we use the restroom, we add lipstick, and head back to our table. When we return, John is greeting a couple, I don’t know. Apparently Tammy does, by the way she nearly squeezes off the female’s head before moving on to the man. John yells a bit loud as he introduces me to them. “Leigh, this is Heather, and her husband David!” I smile and shake hands.

We are all seated, drinks in hand once again, when John starts looking at everyone’s phones on the table. He retrieves his from his jeans pocket and pulls up an app on the screen. He smiles in my direction asking who has an X-gen phone. Seeing the fact he has seen mine on the table, I sigh and say “Me…”

He grins hugely, and says “I have a game I want you to try. I will help you get it uploaded and ready to play. And when you save enough cash and supplies in the game, you can join my safe house, and we can chat and kill zombies together.”

I smile politely, but I am thinking, “When will, I ever find time to play this.” I let him show me what to do, and how to pick out a character and name for myself. John then begins. He hunts and scavenges showing me how, then he shows me how to heal and duel. I tell him, “I will try later,” as he pulls it in closer, taking full control of my phone.

I take a swig of my beer, and see camera flash. I look up and see John, has snapped a photo in my direction. Another flash, as I look directly at John. All he says is, “It’s for your avatar.” My look is quizzical. At my expression, he adds “For the game.” Astonishment then crosses my face.

John flips the phone around, showing me the picture. I nod in approval. It isn’t my worst, and it isn’t my best, but it will do. Besides, no one could possibly ever see it, on such a tiny screen as a phone.

John shows me how to exit the app, and hands me back my phone. I shut it off, slip it in my handbag, forgetting about it and the game as I get lost in the liquor and the music of the night.

I arrive home around three a.m., and somehow manage to strip off my clothes and get into the shower. The water feels good and helps to sober me up after my evening out, which had ended in a cab ride home. Once I crawl from the shower I wrap in a robe and head towards the kitchen of my small house. Some things have been put away, however a good bit still remains packed from my recent move here. I manage to find my tea kettle and get it on to boil. I then find where my mugs have been placed by my great helpers. Next I search the kitchen for tea and honey. I find both, just as the kettle starts to whistle. I quickly make up my mug and head to my room, after an aspirin and a glass of water. I am thinking ahead no hangover for me in the morning, I hope.

I manage to make it to bed and set my tea on my bedside table without spilling it. My phone and keys both still lying in the floor where I had stripped earlier. I have no intention of retrieving either until morning. That is until my phone screen lights up. Worried it is something important, I heave myself from bed and retrieve it. I take advantage while I am up and switch on my television set.

I collapse back into bed, and scoot under the covers. I turn on a movie using the remote and mute the volume. I then, roll over to my side and get a sip of my hot fruity flavored tea from my mug. Forgetting about my phone once again, until its screen lights back up. I pick my phone up from the bed, and realize it is a game notification.

I decide I will go into the game while I drink my tea and settle down to get some sleep. Even though there isn’t much left of this night. I have a bit of trouble trying to remember, through the fog of the alcohol, exactly how to log in. However, in the end I managed. I open Zombie Death up, and immediately begin hunting. I kill multiple zombies and scavenge enough supplies, I am able to join John’s safe house. I pay the fee, donate the supplies, and enter into The Sound, for the very first time. I type in the safe house chat, “Hi honey, I’m home.” John isn’t on so no reply comes, seeing as we were the only two in his safe house. I feel comfortable chatting in our usual texting manner, the mild flirting that is usual of all southerners. I repair the safe house, and do a bit more hunting. Then deciding I will head out for the night, I tap on the chat icon assuming it will return me to our safe house chat. I type “Good night sweetie, I will see you in the morning to finish up with the moving in. Thank you again xoxo.”

Suddenly a reply comes. “I think you meant that for your safe house chat, or maybe a whisper fail?”

I said “This is safe house chat and I have no idea what you mean by a whisper fail.”

He tells me “Look at your chat channel at the bottom of your screen.” I almost die of embarrassment it says global chat.

Another reply posts as I sit reading, on the screen. “A whisper is located in the bar on your home screen, by the news. And a whisper fail, is when you try to whisper someone, and you end up posting it for everyone to see.”

I don’t respond. I quickly shut off the app, turn off the TV, and go to sleep.

The following morning, I wake around ten. I crawl from bed, and pull on some cut off shorts and a tank top. I head into the bathroom to wash my face.

After I finish up, I return to my bed, and retrieve my phone. I carry it to the kitchen with me, and proceed to make me a pot of coffee. I turn the pot on and as it starts to perk my phone rings. I pick it up, noticing it is barely charged, and answer it. John is on the other end, asking if I am ready for him to come help me finish up moving furniture. I say sure, as I stare at the coffee maker, adding you will be just in time for coffee.

John arrives about five minutes after the pot of coffee is ready. He comes bearing donuts and coffee creamer. He smiles when I opened the door, saying, “I remembered you were out”, holding up the creamer in front of his face. I was very glad he did, because I didn’t seem to remember anything today.

I tell him, “Come on inside John,” as I take the creamer from his hand, and head to the kitchen. I then notice the box he has dangling in a bag from his arm. My favorite doughnuts.

I pull two mugs from the cabinet, grab the sugar and spoon. I pour us each a cup of hot coffee. Then, returning to my seat at the table I reach in the box and retrieve a donut. While John adds sugar and creamer, I devoure the donut. Next is my turn to make my coffee.

My coffee tastes better than any cup I had ever had. I smile at John, as we drink. I say “You are very chipper this morning, for as much as you drank last night.”

He laughs saying, “I don’t think I ever slept. I feel all wired up.” He adds, “I hear you were chatting in global chat last night.”

My laughter stops and I turn red at his words. John utters, “Nic, the guy who answered you, told me. He’s a bit of a player with the women of Zombie Death. You might want to steer clear of him.”

I tell him I will follow his advice. John then continues on asking questions about the game, if I liked it, if I have received any whispers. I explain my exiting the game immediately after realizing what I had said was in global chat, not safe house. “John, I was mortified.”

Chuckling, John replies “It wasn’t that bad Leigh. Some people do whisper fails, those are real personal.” John then shows me how I can get my whispers even when offline. To my surprise, I have several messages waiting. One from the guy called Nic. Asking my real name, and where I am from, and if it really is me in my photo. John reiterates, “Don’t talk to him, or answer his questions. He has been known to stalk some of the women in the game.”

I notice a few more whispers from other players. Mostly hellos, and welcomes to the game. But one, caught my eye. It was from someone named Black Onyx. He asked, if I was really the girl in the picture, and if he could talk with me, when I was next on. I asked John if he knew Black Onyx, he said yes, that they are friends. John says, “He is a nice guy, usually very quiet. Doesn’t chat much in global.” I sat contemplating whether I would talk with him or not. John then startles me from thought, and asks where I want him to start. I get to my feet, and say follow me and we begin.

By dinner time, all that is left, are a few boxes John stacks neatly in my room. He gives me a hug, and a kiss on the cheek, and heads out. I lock up behind him and head to the shower to wash off the dirt and sweat of the day’s work. I pick up my phone on the way, having not touched it all day. At least fifteen messages are waiting on me from both Nic and Black Onyx. I set my phone on the bathroom sink, after turning on some music. I then strip my clothes, and step into the already running shower. It feels very good the hot water running down my body washing away the dirt of the day. I take a long shower and emerge feeling wide awake and refreshed. I quickly dry off and dress. I pull my long auburn hair back into a braid, and head to the kitchen, to make me some dinner. The donut and coffee of the morning has worn off.

In the kitchen I grab a pot and start water in it to make me some pasta. A quick and easy meal is on the menu tonight, since the labor of the day has worn me out. I sit at my kitchen table while I wait for the water to boil, toying with my phone. Final I get up the nerve to enter back into the game. I sign in, and decide to check my whispers before I start to hunt. I read them all. Finally I bite the bullet and speak back to Black Onyx.

Seraphine69: Hi! Yes it is me in the picture. I won’t give you my real name because I do not know you. For now you can use my screen name, Seraphine69.

Immediately a reply comes across my screen.

Black Onyx: I understand completely. And yes, John told me it is really you. He said he took the picture himself last night.

Seraphine69: You know John that well? I thought you two only met recently.

I think to myself, he probably already knows more about me than he is saying……… even my name.

Black Onyx: We did, but you were not on, and I can be persuasive. By the way, my name is Christopher. I am an open book, if you want to know anything about me, then you only need ask.

Seraphine69: How do I really know you are who you say? Or for that matter if you will answer me honestly?

Just then I hear my pot of water boiling, it is splashing out all over the stove making a crackling sound. I jump, startled, and type…

Seraphine69: I have to go, dinner.

I then sign out. I did not wait for any replies, because honestly I am too scared to read them. What I had written is true. He could be anyone even my ex-husband, for all I knew. I remove all thought of the game from my mind and continue on cooking my dinner. I eat fairly, quick and do up the dishes. Then I head to the living room and collapse on the couch in front of the TV. I pick up the remote, and switch it on, turning the sound down low. I like it just for some back ground noise, when I am alone. I pick up my phone once again, and sign into the game. I go to my whispers and to my surprise, nothing new. Black Onyx has not responded. I wonder if I have upset him or something, but then think again. What does it matter, I don’t know him nor will I ever. I skip safe house chat, and go straight to hunting. I am in a mood of some sort now, thinking of this stranger in a way I should not. What am I doing? I ask myself, as I take out the first boss zombie of the night. I level up several times, then decide I feel better. I go into our safe house chat to talk with John about plans for the evening. This time I make sure it is in fact the right channel. And to my surprise, there is an actual conversation in safe house chat. I double check, making sure my eyes have not deceived me. It is in fact safe house chat, and someone new has joined, Black Onyx. The conversation is between John and Christopher. Christopher had joined our house. I take my time and read what they have written. They know each other, pretty well. They have even met in person, although when and where I am not privilege to know. But John knew him. I thought, I can trust him, because I can trust John. I relax and decide to join in on the conversation.

Seraphine69: Hi everyone, welcome Christopher.

D.J.John: Hi sweetie, how are you doing tonight? You get some dinner yet?

Seraphine69: Yes, I just ate some pasta I made. Already cleaned up and just relaxing now. D.J. John: You feel up to seeing anyone tonight? Or you want to go out for drinks?

Seraphine69: No thank you John, I’m totally exhausted. I think I’m just going to play on here a while, then get to bed and catch up on my sleep.

D.J. John: Okay, I leave you to it then. Me and Tammy are going to hit the town soon. If you need us just holler.

Seraphine69: I will and thank you again. Thank Tammy for me too. Love y’all.

D.J. John: We love you to sweetie, good night.

Seraphine69: Goodnight XOXO.

Black Onyx: You aren’t leaving me, are you Seraphine69?

Seraphine69: No, was just telling those two goodnight.

Black Onyx: Now about me not being who I say. How about we switch to the Chat App? I can show you who I am. There is voice recording, so I can speak to you, there is text, and I can take photos and send to you.

I feel a bit uncomfortable. I don’t know him, should I do this? I think to myself, John would never let me be hurt. It is safe. Black Onyx: You don’t have to share any personal information, you can use your name from here if you choose, and send no pictures or anything, outside of text, if you do not want. I just want to show you who I am.

Seraphine69: Okay, but you will really have to talk me through how to do this, I am totally technology ignorant.

Black Onyx: I can talk you through it here. You will do fine.

He does get me through it. He gives me very distinct and precise instructions. I wonder to myself if he had not done this before.

Finally after I sign into the chat app, I receive my first message.

Chris: Hello there Seraphine69. How is your night going?

Seraphine69: It is going okay. May I see a picture of you since you have seen one of me?

And then I think. I flip through the channels, until I find tonight’s news. I add, Seraphine69: And make the photo in front of tonight’s news?

Chris: I will, but you do realize, my news is different from yours. I live in Canada, and you in the states. I blushed, to myself, I had not thought of the possibility that he could be from another state, let alone another country.

Seraphine69: Okay, I didn’t think of that.

Chris: No problem, I have satellite what channel in the states are you watching?

Seraphine69: How do you know I am in the states?

Then the thought occurrs to me…

Seraphine69: John.

Chris: Yes.

I tell him the channel, and low and behold when the picture arrives he is standing in front of my local news.

As I sit there looking at the picture, I can’t help but think of how beautiful this man is. Next thing I know, minutes chatting have turned into hours… I look at the clock on my phone and it reads two in the morning. I then message Christopher.

Seraphine69: Did you realize it is two in the morning?

Chris: No, time seems to just fly when we chat, doesn’t it?

Seraphine69: I suppose. I should say goodnight to you Christopher.

Chris: You know you could call me Chris, all my friends do.

Seraphine69: Ok, Chris it is then. Chris, I should say goodnight. LOL

Chris: LOL

Seraphine69: J I really must get some sleep. Good night.

Chris: In that case, goodnight. Wait, can I ask your first name?

Seraphine69: I suppose my first name can’t hurt, it’s not as if it’s unique. You can’t find me simply by knowing my first name. LOL! It is …… Leigh. Goodnight.

Chris: Goodnight Leigh

Sleep comes, very quick for me. No more than my head hits the pillow I enter into dream land. And my dream is one like I have never had before. I am in my zombie game hunting and then, I become the hunted. Someone is after me, and I do not know who. I wake, feeling as if I have been running a marathon. I am soaking wet with sweat and get up immediately and get into the shower. I take a hot shower washing away the nightmare, and the uneasy feeling I have.

I emerge from my shower feeling revived and ready for the busy day that lay ahead of me. I quickly dry off and dress. I, tame my mass of unruly auburn waves as best I can, before heading to the kitchen to start my pot of coffee.

In the kitchen I get my coffee on then search over the fridge looking for something for breakfast. I have put off grocery shopping since moving in here. No luck in the fridge, so I move on to the cupboard. I will definitely have to shop today. In the cabinet, I find a box of granola bars. It looks quite empty but luckily it still contains one. I grab the whole box from the cabinet and toss the bar on the table. I throw the box in the trash. Suddenly, my phone begins going off and I begin searching for it. I find it buried beneath my bedcovers with three messages showing on the screen. As I walk back towards the kitchen, I open and read. Chris: Good morning Leigh, it’s 9a.m. rise and shine.

Chris: Are you up yet?

Chris: Message me when you wake.

I message Chris back.

Seraphine69: Good morning Chris. I actually woke up at 9 as well. I got directly into the shower. Then started on coffee and my breakfast. My phone never crossed my mind, until I finally heard it buzzing, with the last message you sent.

Chris: No problem. What’s on the menu, for breakfast today?

Seraphine69: A granola bar. About the only food I have in the house at this moment. Chris: You should hire a personal shopper, to do that for you.

Seraphine69: I’m not made of money, I spent most of my savings on this place, after my divorce. I still have a bit put by, and I will use it to shop with today.

I wander to myself, if Chris is made of money, by his comment.

I eat my breakfast, while Chris and I chat. Once my coffee cup is empty, I tell him bye for now, and clean up.

Seraphine69: Time to head into town. Bye J

Chris: Be safe, Bye J

I collect my keys, list, handbag and phone, and head into town. The weather is unseasonably cool, and I ride with the windows down. The cool wind, blowing through my long hair. The smell of coconut surrounding me, from my shampoo and conditioner. A slight chill has overcome me as I pull in at the store. I grab my hoodie from the passenger seat, and pull it on over my tank top. I then head into the store to get my shopping under way. I’m walking along the produce section, looking for the tomatoes, when who should I run into, but John, and Tammy. I smile and give them both a big hug. We chat for a few minutes, then decide to meet, for drinks later on that evening. I leave the two of them and continue with my shopping.

   Evening is upon Leigh, and she is readying herself for meeting John and Tammy for drinks. She showered, and picked out a dress for this evening. A long flowing yellow dress. She goes to her jewelry box in search of what pieces of jewelry she will wear. After looking through several different drawers, she finally comes across her heirloom necklace. It had been passed down, from her mother’s mother to her mother, and finally to Leigh when she married. She had transformed the ear bobs into ones that she could wear, seeing as she was the first to have pierced ears. She put the pieces of jewelry on, and stood in front of her dressing mirror, inspecting her reflection. Just then a thought occurred to her. Taking a photo to send to Chris. She toyed with different poses, but in the end, she stood, in a cute yet slightly seductive way, hiking up one side of her long skirt. Showing her leg off clear up to the top of my tattoo, which ended just below her birthmark on her thigh. She then snapped the photo quickly before she lost her nerve. She sent it through the chat app, to Chris, then resumed getting ready for her evening out.

Chris: Leigh, you look very beautiful. I like this picture very much. Is that a tattoo I see?

Seraphine69: Lol! Yes. Me, and my best girlfriend got matching ones on my eighteenth birthday.

Chris: Can you zoom in on it? So I may see it better?

Seraphine69: Sure, just give me a couple minutes.

Leigh then tried to decide how best to take a photo of her tattoo up close. In the end she sat on her bed, and pulled her dress up, once again. She snapped a well-focused photo and sent it immediately.

Seraphine69: Okay, it is on its way.

Chris: No, it has arrived. I really like it. The tattoo suits you I think. Seraphine69: You barely know me. How can you say it suits me?

Chris: Because, it just seems to. I have a question.

Seraphine69: No, I will not hike my skirt up any higher!

Chris: That was not my question. My question is, is that a birthmark above the tattoo?

Seraphine69: Yes, it is.

Chris: Could you, do me a favor and zoom in on it? I would like to see it closely.

Leigh feels a bit embarrassed at this point, and wished she had never sent a photo.

Seraphine69: Sure, give me a few.

Once again Leigh pulls her skirt of her dress up, revealing both her tattoo and birthmark. She zooms in and snaps the photo, then hits send.

Seraphine69: Photo is on its way. And that is the last one, or I will be late.

Chris: No problem. It is here, and it is adorable. A heart, right?

Leigh was dumbfounded by Chris’s remark.

Seraphine69: A heart?

Chris: Yes, the birthmark is the shape of a heart, right.

Leigh then sits once more, and pulls her skirt up. She sits staring at the tiny birthmark on her thigh, and there for the first time, her eyes focus in and she sees the upside down heart shape to it.

Seraphine69: You are right, it does resemble a heart. You are the first person to ever notice that.

Chris: Really?

Seraphine69: Yes, I never even noticed it until now. Chris: Maybe that is because you are looking at it upside down. And I really love your choice in jewelry tonight. Alexandrite, right. I have mine on as well. As a matter of fact, I never take mine off. Seraphine69: Yes, it’s been in my family for generations. And really? Not even when you shower.

Chris: No, not even when I shower.

Seraphine69: I really must go now, Chris, or I will be late.

Chris: Ok, I will talk to you later then, enjoy your night out, and have a good time.

Seraphine69: Thank you I will try.

Chris: And Leigh,

Seraphine69: Yes Chris?

Chris: Please be safe. Seraphine69: I will do my best. Until Later.

Chris: Until later.

I arrive at the tavern we were at a few nights ago. John and Tammy are already there, and seated at the bar. We all exchange hugs and pleasantries. I order my first drink in hopes of catching up with these two. Over the low roar of the music and the crowd, I ask “Only the three of us tonight?”

Tammy replies, “Looks that way, Heather and David backed out at the last minute.”

I smile and ask, “Have you ordered food yet?”

Tammy smiles back and says, “John ordered a steak about fifteen minutes ago. I said I would wait on you.”

John piped up, “Hey, I’m starving!” Tammy and I both giggle.

John’s steak arrives, just as Tammy and I order. “John that is a bit more, rare than you usually like. I think I hear it mooing,” I tease.

Tammy says “I don’t know what has gotten into him, he read somewhere that it’s better for you to eat it less done, and he took it to the extreme.” I laugh to myself because like me, John would only eat a well done steak before.

“About Halloween,” Tammy started. “We are throwing a party at The Sound.” Both the name of a safe house in the fictitious game we play Zombie Death, and their real life business office. “Will you be there this year Leigh?”

I smile and say “Sure.” Tammy is ecstatic, she hugs me and immediately we begin making plans for costumes and food.

The evening progresses and turns into early morning. I tell the two of them, “I really should be getting home.”

Tammy asks, “You want us to call a cab?”

I tell them, “I think tonight I will just walk.”

John says, “At least let us walk with you.”

I shake my head, and say “No. You live in the opposite direction, and it’s only fifteen minutes, walk from here to my house. I will be fine.” Grudgingly the two let me leave, unaccompanied.

   Leigh walks home, under the clear moonlight. As she walks, she gets the idea, to message Chris.

Seraphine69: What are you doing tonight Mr. Onyx?

Chris: Just catching up on some reading, yourself?

Seraphine69: Walking home under the clear moon light, all alone.

Chris: Leigh, do you think that wise? Seraphine69: I am a big girl, I can take care of myself. I have pepper spray. Besides, I have a crazy idea. What if I call you? You could give me your phone number and then you could walk home with me.

Chris: Are you intoxicated Leigh?

Seraphine69: Not really, but I am feeling a bit tipsy, how come?

   As Leigh walks, she is not alone. A tall man, around six and a half feet with dark hair, and dark eyes lurks in the shadows. He has a menacing air about him as he stands staring at Leigh. The long scar glowing by his left eye, making him very distinguishable to anyone who encounters him.

   Leigh is totally oblivious to her stalker. But this isn’t the first time he has been near her, nor will it be the last. He is drawn to her, for some unknown reason.

Chris: My number is (555)555-5555. You may call me anytime you want. Or text for that matter.

There was silence for many minutes, before Leigh was able to dial her phone properly.

   “Hello Mr. Onyx, how are you tonight?” Leigh asked as Chris answers his phone.

“I am doing much better now Ms.Seraphine.”

And so began their first conversation. Leigh talked to Chris the whole way home. She even stayed on the line, and talked to him until she fell asleep on her couch.

Leigh woke the next morning, a bit hung over, her phone still in her hand dead, curled up on her couch.

   I crawl from the couch, my head pounding, and manage to make my way to the bathroom. Stripping my clothes, I crawl into a warming shower, where I stand for several minutes, letting the water run down my body, before beginning to wash off the makeup from the night before.

I emerge from the shower, feeling a bit better. I pull my hair up into a pony tail, dress quickly in jeans and a sweater. I get ready to head out to get some breakfast. After which, I would begin my quest for my Halloween costume. Only a few weeks remain before the party, and I have to move quickly, or all the good costumes will be gone. I would be stuck being some boring vegetable from a garden. Or even worse a homemade one… I could pull together a bag of trash costume. I grab my phone charger, and carry it with me as I walk out the door of my house.


   After Leigh had fallen asleep, and Chris had hung up his phone, his plane landed back in North America. He had returned from his trip to Ireland, with the answers he searched for. Chris must now decide what he must do with this information. Should he tell Leigh the truth and risk losing her, or keep the secret, until she discovers it on her own. But how would she react then? He was growing steadily fonder of her. He hoped to one day meet her. He could accept this secret, but could she?

Chris: Hey what are you doing right now?

Seraphine69: Picture sent

Chris: What are those Halloween costumes?

Seraphine69: Yes. I’m trying to decide if I want to go as a witch, a vampire, a faery or red riding hood. LOL

Chris: Show me the choices!

Seraphine69: 4 photos sent

Chris: Interesting! Do they all have to come with so little fabric? Seraphine69: LOL! They are suppose, to be sexy.

Chris: I see.

Seraphine69: It is a night of frolic and fun.

There was no response.

Seraphine69: Chris, are you jealous?

Still no response.

I tucked my phone in my pocket, and continued looking.

A woman approached Leigh, and asked if she needed help. Leigh asked her if she could try on the costumes. The woman smiled at her, and said grab the ones you want, and follow me. Leigh collected all four, and was on the woman’s heals, like a puppy.    The woman showed Leigh into the dressing room, and told her to yell if she needed anything. Leigh hung the costumes on the door, and began undressing. Leigh set her keys and phone on the little seat, then removed her shoes. First costume on, the Red Riding Hood. Leigh stepped out of the dressing room, phone in hand and stood looking at her reflection in the mirror. She decided to snap a photo and send it to Chris, even though at the moment he seemed to be ignoring her. Leigh then head back to her dressing room, for her change of costume. Next was the Faery. Again, Leigh stepped out, in front of the mirrors, snapping a photo and sending it. Then back once again for the change of costume. The Witch was next. Leigh followed the same routine, and then returned for the final change. She checked her phone, still no messages. She finished up with all but the teeth, of the vampire costume, and stepped from the dressing room for the last time, donning a costume. Leigh stepped in front of the mirror, and snapped the photo. She hit send. This time she received an immediately response, from Chris.

Chris: Leigh, who is the man who just went in your dressing room?

Leigh turns around in time, to see the man exiting her room. Her keys in his hand. She lets out a loud scream, and tries her best to get them back. Security arrived as the man punched Leigh in the face, and makes his escape. Leigh falls to the floor, hitting her head, before she is rendered unconscious.

When I come to Heather is administering first aid to me. As I open my eyes, she asks if I am okay. I sit up very quickly, but get dizzy, and immediately fall back onto my back. “The man has gotten away, but he dropped your keys, Leigh.” Heather exclaims. “David will be here soon, I was in the area and was first on the scene,” She adds. I open my eyes once again and smile. Heather keeps trying to coax me into going to the hospital to be checked out. I keep adamantly refusing. John and Tammy show up a few minutes after David arrives. “I called them, after Heather texted me saying it was you, in the scuffle.” David states.

“Leigh, are you okay?” John asks.

And for what felt like the five hundredth time, I answer “Yes!” A bit of irritation in my voice, at this point.

He smiles down at me and pats my back saying, “You gave us all a scare.” I soften a bit, and begin the tale once more, of what had occurred. When I finish the story, John switches his phone from speaker, (I did not realize he had it on) and starts talking to someone on the other end.

David, approaches me, and asks if the suspect had managed to steal anything. Heather holds up my phone, it is on the lock screen. I am happy at least that is safe. Then Heather hands me, my key chain. John notices before I can, that my house key is gone. Having used it many times over the last few weeks while he helped me move in.

Finally I am released, my head bandaged, hiding the healing laceration. Tammy insists on driving my truck home, while John drives me. I protest saying I am fine to drive, but my fight is in vain. Tammy will not relent.

It was about a fifteen minute drive, and when I arrive home to my surprise, there are locksmiths waiting to change my locks. John has my spare key, and opens up the front door. He makes a quick but thorough sweep of my tiny house, and gives the all clear. I head in and want to shower but have to wait on the two men, to change both my front and back door locks. The men, also add deadbolts and a security chain as well, per John’s suggestion.

As the men finish up, I go to my purse and dig out my credit card. I still have a small bit on it, I had been saving for my Halloween costume, and a few other nonessential items. But this will wipe me out, I am sure. I walk over and the taller one, hands me several copies of different papers, and two sets of new keys. He adds, “All the locks are keyed the same. If there is nothing else Ms. Kearney, we will be on our way.” I was a bit confused. I tried to hand him my credit card. He smiles and says “No ma’am. Mr. Malatesta has already taken care of the bill.” I thank the workmen, and they leave, as did John, after he sees me in and settled.

Leigh is a bit irritated at Chris paying for something which in her eyes, he shouldn’t have. She decides to text him and find out what possessed him to do so.

Seraphine69: Why did you pay for that?

Chris: Because I know you are strapped for cash, and I care about what happens to you. I want to know you are safe in your home Leigh. And what you said earlier, was correct. I am jealous. Jealous, because others can be near you, while I cannot. Others can look into your eyes, and see your soul. And others, will see you dressed in the costume, which is both sexy and very becoming on you, whichever you should choose.

Leigh’s anger diminishes, as Chris confesses.

Seraphine69: I am not looking for anyone or anything Chris. I am going to have a good time with my friends. I am going to enjoy myself I hope, and have fun. Life has been hard for me and with my recent divorce this last year, I just want to dress up and go and pretend to be someone I am not.

Leigh’s mind once again wanders to the recent divorce, and all it involved. She sits thinking on the past, until Chris’s texts rouses her back into her now reality.

Chris: In that case, go as the vampire.

Chris’s mind returns to the words of Alaster, and of what Leigh really was. The vampire was the, furtherest thing from that.

Seraphine69: Why the vampire?

Chris: Because they are mysterious and interesting, and you can be totally not you.

Leigh thinks true, the witch is too close to home, as her hand touches the tiny pink scar above her eye. All that remains of the night’s adventure.

The night of Halloween is upon them all. Leigh is dressing and preparing to head out to The Sound.

Chris: So, do I get a picture of you in your costume?

Seraphine69: Hum, maybe. LOL

Chris: What are you doing, right now?

Seraphine69: Finishing up the final touches on my costume. Picture sent.

Chris: This pic is taking forever to download……

Seraphine69: LOL you are funny, you know that.

Chris: Leigh, you are absolutely breathtaking!

Seraphine69: You are making me blush Chris. Thank you for the compliment, though.

Leigh felt good, at the thought of such a beautiful man finding plain, awkward her so attractive. Her mind drifted to what could be between the two of them, if she was normal.

Seraphine69: I really should be heading out Chris, or I will be late for the party.

Chris: Okay, but one more pic for me please?

Seraphine69: What would you like?

Chris: A smile on your face.

Seraphine69: I will do my best.

Seraphine69: Photo sent.

Chris: Thank you Leigh.

Seraphine69: No problem. Talk later on tonight. Bye.

Chris: Be safe, until later.

I arrive at the party, and things are already in full motion. I try my best to navigate my way over to Tammy and John. I run into a wolf, a knight, and Robin Hood, before making it to them. I give Tammy and John each a hug and kiss. Tammy has chosen to come as Red riding hood, and John as the woodsman who saves the day. I comment to the two of them about the big bad wolf who is lurking around.

Two of John’s friends, approach us. Robin Hood, whose real name was Alaster, and his merry men, Neal and Aedam. They all have thick Irish accents and begin chatting with us. The wolf, from earlier keeps circling around us in a menacing manner. I assume he is yet another of John’s friends, dressed to add to he and Tammy’s costume.

I excuse myself to the ladies room and the wolf follows. He keeps a short distance between us, so I am not able to figure out who he is. I step into the ladies room and check my make-up and costume. I then check my phone, hoping for a message from Chris. Nothing, is there, so I decide to leave a flirty message to him.

Seraphine69: Hi handsome, what are you doing? I’m sorta wishing you were here with me at this moment.

Then a thought occurred to Leigh… Could the wolf be Chris in disguise? She quickly added lipstick, and thought she would go in search of the wolf to see who he was.

Seraphine69: Are you here tonight?

No response came from Chris, so Leigh headed back out the door. She strolled around inside of the building, looking for the wolf. She thought she caught a glimpse of his tail as he exited outdoors. She followed. She was now the hunter stalking her prey. She watched as he moved about the yard, in search of someone. She also watched as John’s two friends confronted him. Then they grabbed him by his arms. That is when she realized who was hidden behind the mask. It wasn’t Chris. It was someone with a long scar on his left cheek. It was Nic. She quickly headed back to the safety of the building which was the sound. And then into the ladies room, to message Chris and tell him.

Seraphine69: I thought you were here Chris, I thought you were the wolf. But it wasn’t you. It was Nic. From our game. Nic. The one who has been cyberstalking me in a sense. Nic.

Chris: Leigh, are you safe? Where are you?

Seraphine69: I am in the ladies room in the sound. I came back in, when Neal, Aedam, and Alaster unmasked Nic.

Chris: Did he see you?

Seraphine69: Not at that moment but earlier. I am in costume, but you can still tell who I am.

Chris: Stay put. I am going to message John and see what is going on.

A few minutes later, and Tammy appears in the ladies room with me. She locks us in, and pulls out her pepper spray. I laugh. She did as well, but her laugh was odd. Not like her at all. “John will come and get us, when they get rid of that guy,” Tammy said as calmly as she could.

“Why did he come here,” I asked?

“John said he has been sniffing around you since you first started Zombie Death, asking questions about you, and where we live and all. He must have figured it out,” Tammy replied.

I said “If he is a threat, why not just call the police?”  Tammy said, “Good idea,” and she pulled her cell phone out and called David. I took the time to message Chris.

Seraphine69: Hey, what is going on? You disappeared.

Chris: Nic, is what is going on. He is very bad news Leigh, he meets women on Zombie Death, and then he stalks them, and I really don’t want to tell you what else.

At this, Leigh becomes weak in the knees, she actually falls to the floor, beside Tammy. She is pale as a ghost as Tammy turns at the thump of her hitting the floor.

   “Leigh, are you okay” Tammy asks?

I stammer out, “I am okay, I just lost my balance.”

Tammy knew better though. She knew it was the stress of Nic finding Leigh that had made Leigh’s knees buckle.

Chris: Leigh, are you okay?

Seraphine69: I will be. I just lost my balance, I’m sitting in the floor at the moment.

   Chris’s heart feels more than he lets on for Leigh. He wishes he was there to hold her and keep her safe. He feels love for her, something he has not felt towards a woman other than his mother. He wished he could just tell her why Nic was really there. And why he too seems drawn to her.

Time flies by and weeks turn into months. It seems as though Chris and Leigh have known one another for all of time. In reality it has only been six months. They chat constantly on their chat app, through text, phone calls, and email. Leigh even finally gave Chris her address so they could send snail mail to one another. This morning, Leigh has arranged a virtual, date of sorts. She is taking Chris to see her beach she goes to, when she thinks, only he doesn’t know yet.

I arrive at the beach and first thing I do is voice message Chris, “We have arrived! You want to know where I brought you?” As I pull the picnic basket and blanket from the truck setting them on the ground. I pull off my shoes and socks. I stick them in the floor of my truck and shut the door. I then lock it up. Stuffing the keys in my shorts pocket, I pick up the basket and blanket, and start walking. I voice message, “We are on our way on foot.”

I wore shorts, t-shirt, and wind breaker, because the wind here can get very cold, coming off the water. I head up the stairs, to the boardwalk.

Chris: I think, I will explode, if you don’t tell me where you have taken me, soon.

Seraphine69: We can’t have you exploding, here.

I send the message, then snap a beautiful picture, of the Gulf of Mexico, and hit send again. His response, is immediate. Chris: Leigh, that is very pretty.

Seraphine69: Pretty, that is absolutely breathtaking!

Chis: Do me a favor, snap one of you.

My hair is blowing everywhere, what isn’t contained by my small sun hat, and I am wearing sunglasses, so I look like a giant bug, but I snap one and send it for Chris. I hit the send button, and he replies back, almost immediately.

Chris: Now that is breathtaking! The beach, merely pretty.

I blush, and type,

Seraphine69: You ready to go for a walk?

Chris: sure

I snap a photo of my feet and legs, as I step from the wooden board walk, onto the beautiful white sand.

Chris: Those are such adorable feet you have.

I giggle to myself, and begin moving.

   Leigh records the sound, of the waves, washing against the shore. She takes photos, of her footprints, as the water begins washing them away. She takes photos, of the crabs, birds, sand dunes, and seashells. She stuffs her phone in her pocket and quickly lays out the blanket. She sets the basket on it. She begins to make a video of the beach and herself talking and drawing in the sand. She closes up the video with a face shot of herself telling him how much she wish he were here with her to enjoy the beautiful warm sun with her. Leigh then emails it to Chris.

Seraphine69: Check your email

Chris: A surprise?

Seraphine69: Just check your email. LOL

While he is doing that, Leigh uses the time, to set up her picnic. She sets out a plate, on a small wooden tray, she had in her basket. She sets a bunch of grapes, some crackers, and string cheese on it as well. She takes out a small bottle of chilled ginger ale, and set it on the tray as well. She snaps a photo and sends it to Chris too.

Seraphine69: Photo sent, caption: Lunch is served.

Several minutes pass, no response still from Chris. Leigh decides, to message again.

Seraphine69: Did I lose you? Are you still here?

Chris: I am sorry Leigh, I just keep playing the video over and over. You are so beautiful. Thank you.

Seraphine69: You’re welcome.

Chris: Lunch looks delicious.

Leigh enjoyed the lovely sunny day, until afternoon is upon her. What looks like a thunderstorm is moving in across the water. She decides to pack up and head back to her truck, and ultimately home.

Seraphine69: A storm is moving in across the water. Give me a minute, and I will send you a photo.

Chris: Don’t waste time on that, get to your truck and head home. According to your local radar and weather channel you should just make it home ahead of the storm. That is if you do the speed limit!

Seraphine69: Yes Sir!! I am headed home now.

Chris: Be safe in your travels, please.

Seraphine69: I will do my best. Talk soon

The drive home was fairly quick. Just as Leigh was pulling up to the mailbox, the thunder and lightning started. She opens her mailbox up, and inside, she finds two letters from Chris, and a small box.

Seraphine69: What did you send me?

Leigh is so excited, she rips into the box!

Chris: It’s nothing big, just an Irish good luck charm, I have been carrying it in my pocket, for a while. I picked it up in a street market, because it made me think of you. You can throw it in your bag, or carry it in your pocket, for good luck.

Seraphine69: I love it! Thank you Chris”.

I can hear him smiling, as he says, “Your welcome Leigh,” in the voice message he sends.

   Leigh stepped from her truck and gathered everything from the day up in her arms, as the rain came down. She was still barefoot, and would have to splash thru a few mud puddles, to get to the door. Days like today, made her glad her floors were not carpeted. She quickly ran to the front door, and opened it. As she stepped through the door, she hit the alarm on her truck. She pushed the front door closed behind her and hung her bag on the hook on the back of the door. Leigh then took her shoes and socks off the top of the picnic basket and set them in the floor. She would steam the floors later she wasn’t worried about the mess she left now. Leigh had stuffed her phone and lovely new good luck charm in her pocket before leaving her truck. She was reminded of this as her phone started dinging with message after message from Chris she assumed. Leigh walked into the kitchen and tried to turn on the light switch it is rather dark in the interior of her house with it being almost black outside from the tempest. No luck the storm must have knocked out the power. She leaves the basket on the table and heads to the mud room to leave the blanket and hang her wet clothes on the clothes line stretched from one side of the room to the other.

   Leigh steps through the opening into the mudroom when she hears the front door slam open. She looks up, and see them as a flash of lightning lights up her living room. Three men, standing in her doorway. The three men who had installed her television service. She walked over leaving a trail to the back door of wet foot prints. She unlocked the door so it would appear she had gone out it. She grabbed a towel off the clothes line. She threw it on the floor and dried her feet hurriedly. She kicked the towel under the sink and stretched out her blanket from today to cover herself. She hid in the corner halfway under the sink. She pulled the blanket over her head and pulled her phone out. She switched the sound off and started texting John.

Leigh: Please John, come as quick as you can, three men are in my house!

John: I will be there in minutes! I’ll phone David on my way.

   Leigh suddenly hears a crashing sound. It came from her bedroom. She could hear, one say, “we have the jewelry, get the girl. Leigh begins praying as she holds tight to the good luck charm, imagining it is Chris’s hand. As they come to the doorway, they see her footprints, and tried to follow them into the mudroom, however something stopped them. Leigh heard another one say, “Why can’t we enter?” Leigh knows it is her and her prayer that is keeping the men at bay. John and Aedam, suddenly burst thru the back door. Leigh could hear scrambling, then the front door open and shut, and all was silent, but the storm. She did not know what was going on. She sat on the cold tile floor and waited imagining the worst.

   After about fifteen minutes, John appears back in the house, standing in the door way of Leigh’s mud room. He states “all clear.” Leigh emerge from under the blanket, and asked John if he knew what they wanted. John held up a bag. Leigh’s bag which contained all of her jewelry. He said “don’t worry, David caught them down the road on foot.”

   Leigh moves forward, and wraps her arms tightly around John in a great big bear hug. He feels her shaking and has her sit on the couch while he calls David, and Aedam into the house. John says, you remember David, don’t you Leigh? Leigh nods. John adds, and my friend Aedam, you met him at Halloween, at The Sound. Aedam moves forward and shakes Leigh’s hand, without speaking.

David asks me if I am okay. I say yes, shaken up a bit, but fine. He then asks if there was anything else that needed to go on the report as missing or damaged. I said let me check my room. I then head back to my room still barefoot and wet from the rain. I reach the light switch on the wall and switch it on. Still nothing. I yell up to John asking him if he can take a look at the breaker in my mudroom. He says yes, and as I hear him begin moving, I do as well. I head, around my bed, past my dressing mirror, to my nightstand, where I kept my pistol.

Just as the lights come on I feel it go into my foot. A large shard of broken mirror. As my eyes adjust I see my mirror is shatter, and remember hearing something break. I also recall the men saying to get the girl, and me being able to hold them off with my mind. That was a first for me. I had never tried anything using my mind, usually things just sort of occurred. I call out to John once more, my voice shaking as my foot throbs with pain from the glass still imbedded in it. I hear him start towards my room, then he stops suddenly. I ask if everything is okay, and before I know it I hear a loud noise, like fighting. I ask if everything is okay, and this time, it is Aedam who answers. He says all is good, John just passed out, and hit the floor. As he speaks I forget my foot, and try to move towards him, but as I put pressure on the glass, I too, pass out. Only mine is from the pain.

When Leigh comes to, Heather once again is standing over her, checking her vitals. Everyone is rushing about, making a fuss over Leigh. John however is nowhere to be seen. Leigh tries to ask about John, but the words just seem to be sounds with no meaning. Heather tells Leigh she had given her something for the pain, so she could remove the glass and stitch the wound. Leigh once again, slips unconscious.

Several hours later, and I wake once again. Tammy and John are sitting on either side of me. “Good morning sunshine,” John says smiling down.

“Is it really morning?” I ask.

“Nah, I just thought I would mess with your mind a bit.” John added. I smile in his direction, then I sit up. I feel a bit swimmy headed still, but ok.

“Heather must have really given me something strong.” I declared. Tammy smiles and agrees. The two of them then help me to my feet and to no surprise to me I feel nothing more than a slight tenderness to my foot.

“Easy does it,” Tammy tells me. I nod and try to imitate injury for them. Tammy adds, “You received a great deal of stitches in that little cut.”

After they left, I decide to peek at the cut, curiosity got the better of me. I slowly unwrap it halfway knowing what to expect. I have always healed quickly, from cuts, scrapes, and bruises. No blood is present, on the bandage. I know in the back of my mind, nothing is going to remain, but a scar. I finish unwrapping it and pull the gauze away. Nothing. Just a long scar stretching from my toes halfway down my foot. A pink line an inch wide. It had been a bad cut but like everything else that has occurred this afternoon only a faint memory remains. I stand up on it. It is still a bit tender. I carefully walk into the bathroom, and throw away, the bandage. I wash my hands, and brush my teeth. I then strip my clothes off and pin my hair up. I grab a towel and shower off quickly. I step out and dress hurriedly. I can’t let Chris know about my unusual behavior of healing quickly.

Leigh’s mind then flashed back to her husband. She had fallen thru the sliding glass door. She was covered in superficial cuts on her face, hands, and arms. The look of sheer terror on her husband’s face the next morning when nothing remained but tiny pink lines.

   His words, echoing in her head, “What are you a witch? You freak!”

   That is the day she left. Never looking back. The next Monday, Leigh filed for divorce. She had come to terms she was probably a witch. She also knew she could never let anyone get close to her like he was again. She realized she would spend her life single and virtually alone.

A few nights later Leigh had just finished dinner and was putting away the last of the dishes. She then headed into the living room and settled into her favorite spot on the sofa. She switched the TV on and turned the volume down. She then picked up her phone from the coffee table and sent Chris a message through text.

Leigh: What are you up to?

Chris: Not much tonight, what about you?

Leigh: Just finished dinner and dishes. You want to chat for a bit? I could call.

Chris: I think I would rather text. There is something I really need, to tell you though. Something serious.

Leigh’s mind began to race wondering what it was. As the silence continued. She finally broke it, and texted.

Leigh: You’re scaring me Chris! What is it? You use to be a woman? You’re married? You’re a serial killer?

Chris was silent for many minutes as thoughts began overwhelming him. His mind returning him to his conversation with Dr. Alaster in Ireland.

“I think I have found the “Essence”, well maybe…………” I begin. Alaster asks, “May I ask her name?” I reply “only her first that is all I know.” “Okay,” is Alaster’s response! I hesitate a moment, then state, “It’s Leigh.” Alaster drops the empty coffee mug, he was about to fill for me and it shatters. Alaster then demands “You know what Leigh means in Celtic, don’t you?” Chris replies, “No, what?” Alaster states “Healer”. The Essence is the one to heal those who have been marked by evil.”

The sound of a text brings Chris’s mind back to the present.

Leigh: Chris please, what is it?

Chris: I don’t know how to say it.

Leigh: Just type it out for God’s sake!

Chris: Leigh, I am a vampire…

   Chris then closes his eyes and sets his phone on the table, as once again his mind takes him back to Ireland………

   You and the Essence are linked Chris, Alaster tells me. “You must start from the beginning in order to understand how.”

“I knew nothing of my life before five hundred years ago.” Alaster says, “Then let me began you’re story from the day you transformed Chris.”

“Two sons’ are born to Nadia Malatesta. Her first Nic Dracul Demir, the second, Christopher Ethan Malatesta. Nadia lost her first husband, Nic’s father in a plague outbreak. Then her beauty captured the eye of an Italian noble. Christopher’s father, Giovanni Malatesta. Giovanni did his best to treat the boys equal, but Nic would have none of it. He left home at seventeen cursing his mother, brother, and stepfather. He disappeared from existence, try as Giovanni may to find him. Ten years passed, and on Christopher’s twenty fifth birthday, his family was traveling from Spain, home to Italy by coach. As night fell upon the carriage, evil did as well. The driver was first. His throat ripped from his body, blood pouring everywhere. Suddenly his body tossed over on the trail the carriage had been following. Giovanni realized something was wrong thinking the driver must have passed out or had a heart attack.”

Alaster takes a sip of his coffee, before resuming the story.

“He managed to crawl from the window of the carriage up into the driver’s seat. Giovanni got hold of the reigns. And as he brought the horses to a halt, the evil attacked him, causing the horses to stir once more. It ripped his throat from his body, the same as the drivers. The monster then calmed the horses using its mind, before descending upon those inside of the carriage.    With its massive strength the creature ripped the door from the carriage. The young man Christopher, went at this monster sword in hand. He managed to slash the creatures arm, however the heirloom sword was not made of iron. The creature then angered even more broke the sword in two and threw it and Christopher to the ground. This is when Christopher realized the monster was his half-brother Nic, transformed by darkness into this terrible beast.”

Chris lets out a gasp at the realization, his brother had killed off his family.

“Nic then picked Nadia up with one hand around her throat and threw her from the carriage. He went after her, pinning her with one hand, and Christopher with the other. He then forced Christopher to listen to the screams of their mother, as he took his rage towards his family out on her.”

Dr. Alaster could tell Chris was growing steadily uneasy as the story continued. He continued on nonetheless.

“Finally he dropped her, and released Christopher from his grasp. Christopher went to his dying mother’s side and held her as the last bit of life drained from her body. Her eyes glazed over open in an eternal stare to the great beyond.”

Chris’s head drops as images begin to appear in his mind of that night.

“Christopher softly closed his mother’s eyes, and lay her on the ground. He then turned to face death for himself. All fight gone from him. Christopher felt as his brother moved in on him. As Nic’s hand gripped his head, pulling his neck back. He felt as Nic’s teeth sank into the flesh on his neck. He then felt as his life began draining. As fast as it started, it stopped. A bright light was the last thing Christopher would recall before he collapsed.”

Dr. Alaster fixed a steady eye on Chris, as he took a long draw from his pipe.

   “Do you want me to continue?” Alaster asks.

“Yes, I am just remembering things. Things that had disappeared from my mind.”

   Alaster resumes the story.

“Christopher woke three days later transformed into the very same creature that had stolen his life. A vampire.”

This part was fresh on Chris’s brain. He could remember these events like it was only yesterday they had occurred.

“Time passed slowly for Christopher. Living in the shadows and darkness, drinking only from small creatures and occasionally humans. Then in the spring of 1834, it all changed. He was working with a company of miners some men some vampires in the mines of Russia. On this particular day Christopher was in a tunnel mostly left alone. He swung his pick and heard a sound unlike any he had heard before. He looked around to make sure no one watched as he dug with his hands to find what had caused the noise. Whatever it was he unearthed it within seconds. He quickly stuffed it into his boot, inside of his sock, to sell later and gain his passage to America and hopefully a new life. Christopher then resumed digging.

There was no way of telling time in the mine and so when the foreman blew the whistle signaling the shift end everyone assumed night had fallen. Everyone began collecting up their things and heading to the mouth of the cave. As they rounded the last turn they all saw it. Bright sunlight. Several of the “men” tried to retreat further into the cave they were met with an iron pickaxe to the heart, first. Some thought of trying to attack. That ended badly also. The men had ingested Angelica root tea. Used by humans who knew about the existence of vampires, the tea caused vampires to be temporarily stunned. Those who bit, fell to the ground incapacitated. They too, ended with the axe. Next were those who tried the sun. They burned to dust right before Christopher’s eyes. Finally they moved towards Christopher, axes raised daring him to come at them. He decided, he would take his chances with the sunlight. Maybe if he moved fast enough, he could avoid getting burned. As if one of the men read his mind, they tripped him up causing his upper body to land directly in the sunlight. Nothing happened. Christopher thought of the stone he had found early, as it lay against his skin in his sock. It had to be what had stopped his burning. The men assumed he was in fact a human, and let him be. They began collecting up the bodies of the undead, to dispose of in a fire.

Christopher, collected his belongings, and left immediately, for America.”

   A few days later, the humans found the first Alexandrite. The same “stone” Christopher had. Among them was a new worker, a very tall dark headed man, with a very unique scar by his left eye.

The End.





©2015 ML Steele

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