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As it is every time every year on this date, I tend to stop and reflect. There has been a lot of history sand flowing through the glass since then, but like any traumatic event it can begin to fade. Then again, like today, sometimes it comes back.

‪#‎NeverForget‬ is on my mind today. I was working at Walmart that day in the Electronics department, and Bentonville had pirated the CNN feed. We had cable service from Cox Communications running into the store for weather and things like that. That one cable TV lead all the others on the Wall of Eyes by four seconds.

I watched the planes crash and the Towers fall all day. Not much work was done, by anyone.

When I got home that afternoon, I tried to call my friend Janet Lopez in NYC. There were no phone lines available for many days. I had to wait for those days to end to find out that yes, she made it, and it was as bad as it showed on TV. No social media then as it is today, and what little bit there was was swamped.


I will never forget.

I posted that on my personal Facebook page, and I still feel strongly about it today. Sure, there have been other life events that rivaled or even exceeded the pain of that day, but none happened on September 11, 2001. I know that there are others that are still struggling with it, and trying to move on as best they can. I know there are some that could care less. And I know that there are kids and young people alive that have no memory of that day, just as I have no memory of Pearl Harbor, Kennedy assassinated, bomb drills at school, or other things that happened before my own birth.

I do remember Challenger exploding, Desert Storm,Chernobyl… and 9/11.

Yes, the sands keep flowing, but for today I will pause for reflection and never forget.

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