Part 29

“Hello Pumpkin,” Were the familiar words Linda heard as the gate swung open. She knew who was there, before she ever laid eyes on him.

“Daddy!” Linda exclaimed as she moved forward, to embrace her father.  He smiles and pulls his little girl in for a long awaited hug.

“What? How?” Linda questions as she looks up into his clear blue eyes.

Linda smiles very large, as she pulls him back into a hug. As they separate Linda’s father’s hand lingers at her waist. “Linda, am I going to be a grandfather?”

For fear of tears, and ruining the makeup she had sat patiently for, while Freya applied, Linda merely nods.

Linda’s dad beams at her, “Your mother would be so happy. Now,” as he dries his own tears, “Let’s get you married.”

The music changed on cue, as Bjorn entered the garden ahead of Linda and her father. All eyes turned to face Linda as she made her way down the aisle. The only set she had seen however, are those of her soon to be husband, Ludvik. His piercing blue eyes seemed to see all the way into her soul.

Linda mouths “ek elska pik.”

Time flies by and before anyone knows it. The Officiate announces “I now present Mr. and Mrs. Ludvik Vidar. A round of applause and shouts resound in the garden, as the two hold their hands up in union.

After the ceremony, a disturbance could be heard outside of the garden. Linda tried her best to ignore it, but she knew who it was, and why they were there.

“May I introduce you to my husband,” Linda announces, to her father. “Ludvik Vidar, this is my father, Jace Dalton.”

“Pleased to finally meet you sir,” Ludvik adds.

“Likewise. I hear I’m going to be a Grandpa.”

Ludvik blushes a little, “You have heard correct sir.”

Jace, a large and burly man, pulls Ludvik into a massive hug. “Congratulations! You couldn’t have made me any happier!”

Linda and Ludvik make their rounds accepting the congratulatory announcements from gods and mortals alike. They finally reach the officiator.

Ludvik whispers in Linda’s ear, “It is now my turn, I’m not really sure, why he is here, but……there is my father.”

Linda gives a sheepish grin to her new husband as he introduces her to his father. “Odin, this is my wife, Linda. Linda, this is my father Odin.”

A hand is extended in Linda’s direction. Taking the hand in her own, Linda states, “Very good of you to come, and to officiate.”

Ludvik starts, “Father, why exactly are you here?”

“I was invited by your wife. Thor conveyed her invitation, and yours. Ludvik looks over to his brother who seemed lost in conversation with Katie. However when Ludvik’s eyes fall upon him, he lifts his Champagne glass towards Ludvik and smiles.

Linda feels Ludvik’s agitation, and takes on the task of peacemaker. “So good of you to come Odin. And to allow our marriage. It means a great deal to me.” Suddenly, the child inside of Linda’s womb wants included in the conversation. A kick was so hard, Odin himself seen the tiny foot imprint through the silk of Linda’s dress.

“What happened?” Odin inquires.

“Oh,” Linda smiles. “I think your grand child is trying to nose his way into this conversation. He is one strong kicker.”

Odin’s eyes light up. “It is a boy?”

“I don’t really know yet. I just refer to him as a “he”, because he is such a strong kicker.” Linda grabs Odin’s hand and places it on her rapidly moving abdomen. Odin’s eyes beam as he feels the child move around under his hand.

“I think he is restless, maybe I should go and feed him.” Linda smiles and takes her leave of the men, giving them time to talk alone.

“Ludvik,” Odin starts, but is interrupted by a message from Mimir.

After Odin replaces his phone in his pocket, he looks at Ludvik, and says “I think, maybe you should go cut the cake. You are needed outside these walls.”

Ludvik’s eyes dart to Linda, as she laughs with Freya, Frigg and her girlfriends. “She will be safe here with us. Mimir has placed a similar enchantment on the garden as what is on Linda’s apartment. Evil cannot enter the gate. I will be here, to protect her Ludvik.”

Ludvik softened a bit towards his father, until “The child must live. He is who will save us all.”

As much as Ludvik despised his father at this moment, he knew he would keep Linda and his unborn child safe.

Ludvik moved towards Linda, as Odin moved towards Bjorn. As Linda crammed cake in Ludvik’s face, Odin explained what was going on outside the garden gates. After Ludvik fed Linda her cake, toasted her, and gave her a long kiss, he joined Bjorn and exited the garden.



©2015 ML Steele

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