Part 28

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The wolf moves in and grabs a gargoyle by the throat.

One of the giants takes her club and smashes at several of the gargoyles who have taken flight.

Tyr regains his footing and advances towards Fenrir, wings spread sword drawn.

Suddenly everyone is fighting. You can no longer tell who is who. The snow increases, adding to the blur of the bodies in motion. More giants move in, causing gargoyles from the church garden to ascend upon the battle. The garden gates open. Vidar and Thor begin walking down the rose petal filled path heading for the mob that is fighting.

“It’s been awhile since we have got to fight together,” Thor states.

“Aye, it has brother. Where shall we start?”

The two brothers take in the scene and decide where they are needed. They head straight to aid Tyr, in his mortal combat with Fenrir, never noticing the Jotuns among them.

The brothers are surrounded by a mass of giants, whose flying weapons become harder and harder to dodge.

Vidar, being part giant himself, matches the strength of the Jotuns, and begins swinging his staff.

The two brothers are separated, leaving Thor to his own devises.

Thor is then cornered by Gjalp and Greip.

“I think we owe you a bit of pain considering how our last meeting ended,” one of the sisters snarls.

“I think he should end the same way we did. Crushed. You know it’s not a very peaceful way to go,” the other adds.

“Ladies,” Thor begins, and then clears his throat as he thinks such a word does not apply to these two… creatures. Being the charmer he is, Thor thinks he will try to win them over with his good looks and smile, before crushing them once again. “Can’t we just let bygones be bygones? Start again new. I never did anything to you two fair creatures to warrant you wanting me dead,” Thor continues as he slips on his gloves behind his back. The sisters and Thor circle one another, until finally Thor is ready. He slips Mjolnir from his belt, using his gloved hands. Thor then transforms before their eyes. He changes from a man, into his gargoyle fighting mode.

“I think it’s time to dance girls.” Thor teases. He yells “Fore” as he swings Mjolnir hard. Its target the two sister giants in front of him. As Mjolnir makes contact , you can hear the crackling sound it makes as it crushes their heads together. The sisters are not amused as they regain their footing and move in on him. One of the sisters reaches out and picks him up in her gigantic hand. The other pulls on his wing. “Pretty birdy.” Taunting him in return.

“I wander what he can do if we pull these wings off,” the other one adds, as the two begin trying.

Hearing Thor’s agonizing screams, Vidar comes to Thor’s rescue. As he is more powerful than the two combined, one crack of his staff sends the girls to their knees, hands sprawled open trying to catch themselves. Thor lands face down in the dirt, wings stuck open.

“Less taunting on your part next time brother,” Vidar states as he extends a hand out to pull his brother up from the ground.

“I’ll try and remember that.” Thor responds.

“Your wings have been damaged, you cannot fly until Mimir fixes them. You must get out of here now Thor, for you are a sitting duck.”

“I will not leave this fight. I am needed. I can fight without my wings. I did it long ago.”

Vidar wouldn’t have it. He picks his brother up and flies with him back into the garden, leaving him and Linda once more.

“Keep him here, his wings have been damaged, he is of no use to me in this fight.” Vidar demands.

Linda moves forward, “I will.” She then places a kiss on his lips, as he prepares to take off back to the fight. “I love you,” is what he hears as he lifts off  the ground.

“And I you,” he shouts back.

As Vidar flies back into the battle, he is knocked from the air by Fenrir, who jumps up mouth open. Fenrir tries to keep Vidar occupied to give the giants time to take out more of the gargoyles. “Aim for the wings,” Fenrir shouts.

Vidar launches himself directly at Fenrir.

Their bodies collide, causing the two to fall to the ground.

Tyr moves in, taking advantage of Fenrir’s defenseless stance.

Vidar rises and flies back towards the giants who are now trying to incapacitate the gargoyles following Fenrir’s orders.    Vidar once again uses his staff, and begins swinging it aimlessly to try and stop the assault on his brethren’s wings.

Tyr flies in beside Vidar. “I think you should get back to Linda, and get her out of here. Then we can try and break this mess up. No one is gaining any footing, and dawn is on it’s way.

Vidar is mixed about what to do. He knows Linda is safe in the garden. However he wants to be the one protecting his wife and child. He worries if he leaves, the giants and Fenrir, will overtake the others and countless lives will be lost. The gargoyles can’t afford to be short-handed so close to the birth of his child. However, dawn is close. Closer than any of them realize. Vidar takes flight once again, heading towards the garden.

Once inside, Vidar moves towards his brother, and Linda. “Get everyone out of here. The humans are safe, dawn is approaching. When morning arrives the enchantment will disappear, and no one will remember any of tonight’s events outside of the wedding.” Thor nods.

     Vidar then turns to Linda. “You ready? I know this isn’t the exit you wanted, but I hope it will due.” Vidar kisses his bride, as he prepares to lift off.

     Thor yells, “Get the bird seed ready!”

     As the two lift off the ground, they are showered with birdseed, just as if they had been able to walk out as planned.

©2015 ML Steele

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