Part 27


The night of the winter solstice, Fenrir and an army of diminished demons descend upon the city. Loki had learned of the upcoming event, and planned to use Linda’s movement to his advantage.

The city is blanketed with thick white snow that continues to fall. Dark shadows are around every corner, in search of what their master desires.

The gargoyles along the roofs spot some of these lesser demons as they make their way towards the tabernacle where Linda is currently located. Two of the gargoyles fly down, and begin picking off these small creatures.

While this occurs, another group gains the attention of the other gargoyles station nearby. This gives Fenrir the opportunity he wants. He and a small band of Jotuns push forward, Geirrod, Gjalp, and Greip being among them.

Fenrir begins, “You can have Thor, only after I have the girl. She is the reason we are here. Remember this.” The Jotuns grunt at Fenrir, as if to say they understand. They continue on in silence, after this.

The band of evil, finally reaches the last stretch in their quest for what Loki needs. However, this will take work in order to reach her. More than fifty gargoyle warriors line the street protecting the church from anyone who may choose to harm those inside.

Tyr begins, “Fenrir, what are you doing here? Come for another taste of Vidar’s shoe?” A hearty laugh escaping him.

“You are bold aren’t you Tyr, but in the end, I think I got a piece of you. Was it a hand? It’s been so long I can’t recall.” There hanging around Fenrir’s neck, is the hand. Shriveled and black from time, but recognizable.

Tyr doesn’t let it phase him as he expands his wings blocking the wolf. Balder and Magni move forward, and the three block the walk towards the gate’s entrance.

“This is going to be fun!” Fenrir snarls as he lunges forward. His large salivating mouth, aimed at Tyr’s wing. In a flash, Tyr takes flight, causing the wolf to miss him by inches. Tyr then lands on the wolf’s back, sending him down onto the ground.

“That dirt taste good there dog?” Tyr teases. Fenrir is angered further by this remark, and knocks the gargoyle off his back. With a loud thump Tyr lands on his backside on the ground. At this the Jotuns advance forward. Balder and Magni close in to protect their comrade, just as Greip swings her club. The battle then commences.


©2015 ML Steele

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