Part 26

Linda enters the carriage as the sun begins to set. She could not have asked for a more beautiful evening to have her wedding. The weather is unseasonably warm, a perfect seventy degrees. Yet snow glistens everywhere without melting. Linda smiles as she thinks of all the magic this day holds.

Bjorn bolts up to the top of the carriage after situating Linda securely inside. He speaks to the horses in a strong Norse voice. The horses slowly and gracefully begin to move forward as if they are gliding on ice.

The sun is slipping further and further behind the trees, and a large cream moon climbs its way up to replace it in the darkening night sky. Linda peeks out the carriage window taking in the evening. Multiple shooting stars fly across the sky.

Each side of the street is filled with stone gargoyle statues. They spring to life as the last ray of sun leaves the sky, and they are touched by moon light. Linda feels as if she is in some magical dream, as she sits in her soft flowing silk dress. Her hand rubs on her protruding belly, as her mind drifts back to the day she chose the gown.

“You’re sure you do not want white, Linda?” Katie had questioned.

Pointing at her swollen abdomen, “I think the jig is up, it’s pretty obvious I’m no longer a virgin.” Linda said laughing.

“The blue one is nice.” Paige stated.

“Yes,” Linda started. “However, I think I want something a bit more feminine.”

Then she had seen it. A gown fit for Freya herself. Soft muted pink in a flowing silk with an empire waist.

“This is it girls. This is it!” Linda exclaimed.

“What about shoes?” Katie asked.

“I’m going simple.” Linda stated. “I can wear anything, honestly I could even go barefoot.”

In the end, Paige and Katie had coaxed her into simple yet elegant flats. Sparkly straps were all that held them together.

Linda’s mind returned to the moment in front of her, as the carriage drew near the Tabernacle garden. The garden had been transformed into the most beautiful place Linda had ever seen. Strings of fairy lights hung everywhere. However upon closer inspection Linda realized they were lightning bugs that had been enchanted to stay in place. The trees leaves had regrown, and were the lovely red, gold and orange of fall. Blossoms adorned all the flowers in the garden, filling the air with a sweet fragrance. Linda thought to herself, “It is as if all the seasons have converged and created today.”

The carriage draws to a stop, and Bjorn opens the door. Linda steps from the carriage onto flower petals. They are on the long cobblestone path that leads to her husband. Birds flit side by side with butterflies and more lightning bugs, lighting her way down the path. She and Bjorn reach the entrance, and the music begins to play.

Linda begins the slow walk towards the gate of the garden, Bjorn escorting her.

“Troy will be waiting at the gate to give me away, right?” Linda asked, as she grew nervous for all eyes to be upon her.

“Actually,” Bjorn began as the gate swung open, and out a special guest appeared.

©2015 ML Steele

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