Part 25


Ludvik sits down to breakfast at the bar in the kitchen. Linda is up cooking. As a matter of fact, she has been up for hours, ever since the nightmare had awakened her.

Linda pours Ludvik a cup of coffee, and then joins him. She sits on the barstool beside him and asks, “Can I tell you something?”

“Sure, what is it Min Skatt?”

“I had a nightmare. One I will never forget as long as I breathe. Ludvik, he knows I’m with child.”

“No, Linda there is no way. Mimir and Inook were able to cast a concealment on you. Even the threads do not reveal your current condition.”

Linda looks saddened at the fact her soon to be husband does not believe her. “If you do not believe me, contact Mimir. He will confirm it.”

Even though Ludvik feels incredibly guilty about it he needs confirmation of what Linda has just told him, from Mimir. He pulls his phone out, and sends a text. “Is it know that Linda is with child?”

Trying to dodge the question, Mimir replies, “Of course we know, I have told you I witnessed the consummation.”

“Mimir, Ludvik typed. “You are avoiding the true question. Does the wolf know?”

Mimir doesn’t immediately respond. “Mimir,” Ludvik begins again.

But Mimir cuts in “What does it matter if he knows?”

Ludvik drops the phone  on the counter. “Oh Linda.” He pulls her into his arms.


Later that afternoon, Linda calls Katie and Paige. She lets them know that she will be having her wedding in the garden at the Basilica of Eternal Life. Few will be in attendance and it has to occur before the winter solstice.

“Why are you going into public Linda? Isn’t it dangerous for you and the tiny surprise?” Paige protests.

“My current situation is no longer a secret.” Linda states.

“OH!” Paige exclaimed. In that case, you want to go out somewhere? You have been cooped up awhile.”

“Thank you sweetie, but I think I’ll wait until the wedding. No need in tempting fate.”


The winter solstice is upon them, before anyone knows it. Everything has been arranged and the backdrop for the wedding is perfect thanks to Katie, Paige, Bjorn and Freya.

Linda has spent most of the  morning with Katie, and Freya getting ready, for her grand entrance this evening. Ludvik is with Bjorn ensuring there is enough security.

As Linda leaves the confines of her home, for the first time in over a month. She couldn’t look lovelier. Her complexion is smooth, creamy and completely flawless. Her full lips are the perfect shade of red. Her eyes gleam with enthusiasm for this day.

Linda walks to the limo, which is waiting out her buildings front door. It waits to carry her to the church. Her driver, none other than Bjorn on such an important day. He took her hand and helped her into the backseat. “Linda you are breathtaking” was his comment as his adjusts her dress fitting it into the limo beside her.

As they drive the short distance from Linda’s apartment building to the sanctuary, she notices that in her month’s absence a slew of gargoyles had appeared on top of the surrounding buildings.

“Wow, I didn’t realize so much security had been placed around me.”

“Mimir required it in order for you to leave your home. After the wedding, and your return to isolation the gargoyles will return to their normal posts.”

“Won’t they be noticed, I mean from the buildings they normally top?”

“No, we have that covered.” Bjorn throws a wink at Linda in the rear view mirror.

As the limo approaches the block before the church, it comes to a halt. Linda looks out the window wandering what is happening. Bjorn shifts the car, and uses it to block the street from any others who may try to enter. He throws it into park, then exits, and heads to Linda’s car door.

Opening the door, Bjorn smiles. “Your carriage awaits you Madame.” Suddenly coming into view, six Fjorn stallions pulling a carriage straight out of any little girl’s fairy tale wedding.

Linda stands in awe as the carriage comes to a halt in front of her.




©2015 ML Steele

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