Part 24



 In Valhalla, Mimir sits lost in thought. His mind wandering back to a time before Linda had ever been created. A time when the fate of the world was in the hands of the gods and mortal men. Then it all changed, with the birth of the special girl child.

As night begins to fall, the statues on the buildings begin to crack and come to life. Taking their true form, these protectors are now in search of the long awaited birth of this special child. The one who could prevent Ragnarok. The one who could balance out the world.

The gargoyles flew swiftly towards the dwelling, the delivery was to take place in. One would be stationed near by wearing a special piece of jewelry which would allow him to take the form of a human. The others would be minutes away guarding the birth site, and ready to attack at a moments notice.

The girl’s birth was successful. The beautiful blue eyed baby girl was delivered shortly after midnight. The gargoyles would stay near and protect the maiden. If signs of the wolf became apparent, she would be killed immediately by her shadow, who was in human form. Thus protecting her virtue and the fate, of the world.

Mimir’s mind then moves forward in time. His death, and beheading. His life stuck at Odin’s side as a toy for amusement. Finally Ragnarok. Upon his permanent ending, when he entered into Valhalla, the gargoyle leader Inook approached him. He shared with Mimir the information of what his race did and why. He also added that he could use Mimir and some of the stronger gods to help protect the earth realm. Mimir was undecided, until he learned he would be second only to Inook. He took the position, and as the gods entered the gates of Valhalla, he could give those he chose the choice to ascend, or to stay and help protect earth and watch for the birth of the child once again.

One can guess why Mimir chose to keep Odin. However you would be wrong. It wasn’t for Mimir to get even with Odin for carrying his head around all those years, but for his knowledge. Odin was the god who loved war. He would fight anyone no matter the cost. Okay, maybe a bit of revenge too, since he had been stuck without his body for so long. But Mimir would probably never admit that.

Mimir wakes from the day dream which had taken him back in time, as Odin appears at his door.

“Why are you smiling Mimir?” Odin demands.

“I was having a lovely day dream, and why not? Things are going just the way I want them to. The girl is bearing Vidar’s child, Fenrir has not been seen since the mortal Halloween, and life is great for all.”

“Maybe, because Fenrir knows she is pregnant, and a massive hunt is underway for her. She will be found. She will be killed!” Odin exclaimed.

Mimir stands and walks around to Odin’s side. “He will not kill the girl. She has mated. The prophecy ends. If she dies, she will not return. We must do all we can to protect her and the child. The child is necessary.”


©2015 ML Steele

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