Part 23


    Linda ran through the field searching for something. She wasn’t sure what it was, only that it was important. Her hand instinctively goes to her stomach. Her stomach is flat. She realizes it is her child she searches for. She begins to run, searching in old hollowed out logs, under trees, in the rocks. Finally she sees an old fashion wooden cradle. She slowly walks up, knowing this has to be her child. She reaches the cradle and it is covered by a white sheet. Linda begins to pull it back, slowly expecting her baby. However, inside is a small wolf.

The wolf lunges at Linda. She has the sword in her hand, and stabs the wolf, killing it midair. Suddenly the wolf begins changing back into a tiny baby. Linda’s tiny baby. Linda drops to her knees, clutching the child.

“You fool!” Loki exclaims. “The girl is with child!”

“How do you know?” Fenrir exclaims.

“Because I, unlike you, can use my mind to search for answers. I leapt into the girl’s dream. She won’t be forgetting that nightmare anytime soon.” Loki said as if congratulating himself. “There I was able to confirm what you said was not possible.”

“But the threads,” Fenrir started.

“Screw the threads. They are being altered. I don’t know how, but the Norse has found a way to.”

“Then I must kill the girl.” Fenrir states.

“No, you must kill the child she carries. Then you mate with her. There is still time.”

“Wouldn’t it be better just to kill her and begin again?”

“No!” Loki is very adamant about this.

“You must mate and create the offspring needed to end those who protect earth and Valhalla.”


©2015 ML Steele

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