Part 22

Loki sits in a large skin armchair, waiting for the diminished demons to return from earth.

“Good of you to return.” Loki says impatiently.

“Master, we were as quick as we could be.”

“I don’t care about any of your excuses, I want the information on the girl.”

“We have not been able to locate her!” The demon exclaims.

“She cannot just disappear into thin air. The Norse must be hiding her. Get out of my sight all of you.” The small fiery creatures seemed to melt into the floor at his command.

Loki begins pacing, “Fenrir, come here, now.” He beckons out loud.

After a few moments, Fenrir materializes in the room across the floor from Loki. “What is the matter? Is there news on the girl?”

Loki circles Fenrir slowly, deliberately taking his full appearance in. As Loki returns to facing him, he asks “Where exactly have you been? And what have you been doing?”

Fenrir sneers, “I have been hunting. I crave blood, I can’t control that.”

Loki continues, “And what should you have been doing?”

Fenrir shrinks a small amount. “Tracking the girl.”

“I’m very glad you understand how important this is. You will have time to hunt later. All of the time in the world, with no one to stop you once I am ruler.” Loki moves in closer, right up into Fenrir’s face. “The girl is what you must focus on. Stop fooling around.” Loki continues on, “There have been no sightings of her since the mortals Halloween. We must find her immediately. Time is running out.” Loki pops Fenrir across the nose as if he is a misbehaving puppy. In retaliation, Fenrir opens his massive maw, and howls right in Loki’s face. His putrid breath, permeating through the air.

“Remember yourself Loki.”

Angered Loki shouts, “I will if you will.” He then storms out of the room.






©2015 ML Steele

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