Part 21

The Thanksgiving dinner party was underway once Linda and Ludvik joined the others in the dining room. The mood was jovial and the conversation steady, as the others noticed the new addition to Linda’s hand.

Katie begins “We have a wedding to plan!”

“And not a lot of time to get it done.” Paige chimes in.

Linda laughs, “We can just elope.”

Katie and Paige both drop their forks and stare at her, saying in unison, “ELOPE!” as if it were a curse word.

Ludvik adds, “We cannot elope Linda. I want to do this right.”

Linda interrupts, “But I can’t leave this apartment until the baby arrives.”

Again in unison, the girls say, “Then we will bring your wedding to you.” Large smiles on both of their faces. The two then clink their wine glasses together. “It is okay to toast with ginger ale Paige asks.” We all laugh, and the two of them continue on with their planning.

After dinner, everyone left. Everyone except for Ludvik that is. “What would you like to do Linda?” He asked.

“I would like to snuggle up on the couch and make up for lost time with you.”

“That sounds good to me.” Ludvik then pulls Linda in for a long passionate kiss. “I have missed you.” The two  settle in on the couch, Linda’s head finding a resting spot on Ludvik’s chest. “Linda, will you tell me why you changed your mind?”

Linda thought very hard for a moment, she had to be careful just how she worded what she said. “To be honest, I was very upset, probably more so than I should have been due to being pregnant. I thought a lot about what had happened, and what had occurred, and what will occur. And I realized, I can’t hold you responsible for a dream, or how it made you feel. It was very unfair. When Bjorn came by the other night…”

“Bjorn was here?”

Linda thought to herself, “Oh crap, I shouldn’t have said that.” Yes, he dropped off Katie for the girls’ night in.” Once again, she thought, “Good save.” Anyways, we talked a bit, and he told me I should call you.”

“Why didn’t you? I waited by the phone, hoping for a call or text, anything to tell me you forgave me.”

“I was worried you couldn’t forgive me. I had turned my back on you. You had a true fear, a life like dream and I threw you out my door, out of my house, and out of our lives.” Linda said rubbing her belly.

“I will not bring it up again,” Ludvik states,  “But for what it is worth, I didn’t want to ever leave you. I never will. I will stay by your side, for all of eternity.”

Linda kisses Ludvik, then she stands and pulls on his hand, leading him to the bedroom. “Pregnant women, are horny women Ludvik.” A small giggle escaping from Linda.

In Valhalla

“Why did you send for me Mimir?” Thor questions.

“Because you need to witness this, both of you.

Odin and Thor watch  the scene unfold at Linda’s once everyone had left, all the way up until Linda pulls Ludvik to her room. Mimir then closes the window to them.

“Remember the words that have crossed her lips Thor, if Vidar asks. You are to keep this secret until the proper time reveals itself. Is that understood?”

As much as Thor hated it, he knew he must follow orders. “Yes sir, I understand.”

“You may leave Thor, I believe you have to help plan a wedding. My advice, talk with Freya, she can help make it a magical day for them both.”

“I will do that Sir, and thank you.” Thor then heads out of Mimir’s office, and down the great hall towards the common area which most of the gods who were not working on anything specific converge.

Closing his door, and sealing it once more, Mimir began. “You know I have given Vidar the option of becoming human after the child is born.”

Odin looks very surprised. “You can do that? What did he say? Surely he will not end what he has here, for some woman and her child.”

“Her child Odin, the child is his. The child is your grandchild. How can you be so callous?”

Odin scoffs, “You do not get to be the god of all gods, by being tender hearted. You make choices that are best for what you want to happen. You do what you feel is right in your own mind. I have never had to answer to anyone until now Mimir. I could afford to be callous. I could afford to end the life of any I deemed fit.”

Mimir interrupts. “Ah, but you could not end the wolf, could you. The wolf ended you I do believe.”

Odin becomes angry. “You know what I mean. Why must you always bring that up.”

Mimir thought to himself, “Maybe to keep you in your place here Odin!”

“Alas,” Mimir starts. “Let us not argue over spilled milk. We know what we must get done. We know who must do it. And now, you know of the option I have given to Vidar. In the end, only he can make the choice. It will be his and his alone.”

“May I leave? Odin asks, rather brusquely.

“Yes, you may. But just remember all you have seen, and all you have heard. Time is not on our side. Many choices are going to come about very quickly. Be prepared for the outcome.”

Odin  storms out of Mimir’s office.



©2015 ML Steele

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