Part 20

A long silence follows, which Bjorn finally breaks.  ”I will take those pies.” Then motioning with his head, “Girls, I think I hear the turkey calling us.”

Linda and Ludvik are left alone by the front door in the living room. “Happy Thanksgiving to you as well Ludvik.” Linda leans up and places a soft kiss on his cheek.

“You don’t mind me coming, do you? I can leave. It was all Bjorn’s idea. I mean, yes I wanted to come. I never wanted to leave.” Realizing he is rambling Ludvik says, “I will just shut up now.”

“I am very glad you came.” Linda moves in and hugs him, a long and strong hug.

“My word Linda, our little miracle has grown. Is everything going well with our child?” Ludvik seems a bit formal when speaking.

“Relax Ludvik, all is good with the baby. Troy is going to come by this week, and confirm it too. He even will try and get more pictures of our tiny acrobat that is if he sits still long enough.”

“He?” Ludvik questions.

“Yes, I have started referring to this little field goal kicker as a he.”

Ludvik’s face drops, as he thinks of all he has missed out on with his child over the last few weeks.

“Linda, I don’t ever want to fight or argue again. Okay?”

“I agree.” Linda then places her head on his chest. He reaches down and turns her head up so his lips meet hers. Softly his lips caress hers.

Bjorn clears his throat as he comes around the corner. “You guys ready for some turkey?”

“Almost,” Ludvik says. “There is one more thing.”

Ludvik then drops to one knee, and pulls something from his pocket. “Linda, I never want to spend a second apart again. I know this is rushed, and old fashioned. But we are having a baby. I want us to be married. I love you. I want to spend forever with you. And I’m rambling again, I’m sorry. I’m just really nervous and scared.”

Linda sinks to her knees. “Ludvik, are you sure? How can we?” She whispers, “You are a god, and a gargoyle, I don’t see how.”

“I have been given a choice. I can become mortal and live here on earth with you and my child after he comes. Mimir said I must give my decision by the New Year.”

Linda kisses Ludvik long and hard, she then exclaims “Yes, Yes Ludvik I will marry you.” Ludvik slides the ring on her finger, then hugs her once more.


©2015 ML Steele

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