Part 19

Thanksgiving Day has rolled around, and Linda is busy in the kitchen. This is her first time hosting a Thanksgiving celebration on her own. Most years, she has gone out or to a friends’ house, but this year she wanted her family near. Her new extended family.

“Knock, knock.” Paige says as she walks through the door. “It was unlocked so we came on in.”

“Oh hey, yes come on in. I’m elbow deep in making stuffing.”

Paige and Troy come into Linda’s apartment, carrying wine and ginger ale. “Oh bless you Troy, I forget about the wine since I can’t currently drink it.”

Troy laughs, “Actually it was Paige who thought of it. She reminded me how much she enjoys a good glass of wine with her meal.”

“And how I’m having to do without.” Paige adds, laughing as well.

Joining in Linda says, “Yes, but for the best of reasons,” She walks by and rubs Paige’s belly.

“Very true, Linda, Very true.”

“Linda,” Troy begins, how are you feeling? Any difficulties?”

“No, I feel good. No more nausea, and no complaints.”

“Well you look radiant. I will come by one day this week, and give you a check-up. Make sure everything is still on schedule with your tiny one. I can bring the portable ultrasound too.”

“Sounds good to me. Just give me a call, I don’t usually go anywhere. Even work is at home now. I get out on my terrace for a bit of sun every now and again, but I can’t risk anyone finding out about the tiny one.”

Troy smiles, “I understand. Soon enough, your baby will be here. And then you and Paige can walk stroller by stroller wherever you choose.”

“Yes, I know.”

Linda then returns to her cooking, Troy helping her, and Paige settles in on the couch.

An hour or two had passed. Linda had gone to shower and dress, for dinner. She had left Troy watching the turkey and setting the table.

Emerging from her room, “Oh! Do I feel, better. That shower works miracles.” Linda states as she enters the living room where Paige sits curled up on the couch.

“Linda, you look lovely. Your dress is beautiful.”

“You don’t think it’s too formal? Do you?”

Paige gets up and walks over, getting a closer look at the dress. “No, I love the way it sort of floats on your body. It looks beautiful, and also quite comfortable. I love the fabric, and the color, you look like fall all wrapped up in a package. The oranges, reds, and yellows really set off your eyes sweetie.”

“Thank you Paige, you really know how to boost a girl’s ego.” Linda throws a wink Paige’s way. Once again, there is a knock at the door. “Who is it?” Linda calls out.

Katie peeks her head in, “It’s us.”

“Oh come on in.” Linda moves forward and embraces Katie in a hug. “So good of y’all to spend the afternoon with me.”

“Of course sweetie, we are family now, all of us.”

“True. Where is Bjorn?”

“Oh he is bringing up some dessert. Paige, how are you feeling?” Katie questions.

“I’m doing pretty good, getting bigger by the second.”

The door opens once again. “Hey Linda, I brought a couple of pies, pumpkin. I hope that is okay.”

Linda starts, “Sure, just…” as Bjorn enters, and there standing, holding the pumpkin pies is Ludvik. “Happy Thanksgiving Linda.”


©2015 ML Steele

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