Part 18

Odin storms into Mimir’s office. “Who in the hell do you think you are leaping into my dream?”

Vidar doesn’t speak, he sits staring at his father as his father continues to yell.

“You have no respect for me Vidar!”

Mimir turns his chair facing forward so Odin is able to see him. “I was there too, Odin. I was teaching Vidar how to dream leap. Something we as a team should have taught him long before now.”

Odin recoils as the realization hits him. Both Vidar and Mimir had seen him vulnerable. They had watched as he felt the defeat. And they had been there as Fenrir prepared to gobble him up. Odin then turns on his heels, and storms out of Mimir’s office, leaving the two alone once again.

“Do you think you understand it now?” Mimir asks Vidar.

Vidar stands quietly, “I understand more than you will ever know.” He leaves Mimir’s office as well.

Time moves on and days turn into weeks. Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and Linda is planning a traditional dinner with her friends.

Linda has called Katie and Paige. Inviting them over for a girls’ night in. Linda hopes to set a menu for her Thanksgiving dinner party together while they are over.

A knock at Linda’s door, and she is up and making her way to the door. Linda notices her belly has grown a great deal over the last few weeks. It seems as though her tiny bundle is growing four times as fast as any other baby. “Whose there?” Linda calls out.

“It is me, Bjorn.”

Linda opens the door, her round belly and glowing complexion making it quite obvious her condition. Bjorn takes her in as he stands in the doorway.

“Linda, you look amazing. I have seen many pregnant woman, and you glow.” Bjorn states as he continues to stare at Linda.

“You are making me blush Bjorn.”

Realizing he was staring, Bjorn  clears his throat, “May I come in? I have a gift for you, and he looked at Linda’s belly. And, my niece or nephew.”

“Sure, come on in.” Linda moves back, giving Bjorn enough room to get around her growing belly. “Has it been raining again?”

“What? Oh yes, my umbrella. It has been.”

“Are you okay Bjorn? You seem a bit distracted.”

“Yes, I’m actually just in awe of you. I can’t describe how seeing you, all…. “

“All what? Round, Chubby, Pregnant?” Linda giggled as she spoke.

“Beautiful and glowing. It is magical Linda what a mother looks like when she carries her unborn child in her womb.”

Linda smiles, her cheeks once again red from Bjorn’s comment.

Seeing he had once again embarrassed Linda, he changes subjects. “Now, about the gift. It isn’t anything you have ever imagined, I am sure. But it will protect both you and the baby. It was given to me by a protector. They asked me to pass it on to you to keep the child safe.”

Linda was now a bit suspicious. “It was Ludvik, wasn’t it?” She blurted out.

“No, it was not. It was given to me by Sigurd. He sleighed Fafnir with it, in a different time and a different place. He told me the blade would serve you well.”

Linda gulped. “Blade, I am no swordsman.”

Bjorn then presented the beautiful blade to Linda. “It’s name is Gramr. It has been hidden away and protected for a very long time. It is what is needed to protect the child you now carry.”

Bjorn then pulls the blade from its sheath. The sword was long and smooth. It was made of a dark metal that appeared to have many cracks and cuts as if it had been refastened together. Linda looked at Bjorn “It has been broken and recast, what good is it?”

“Ah, it was. It was broken by Odin himself, and recast for Sigurd. The sword once belong to Sigurd’s father. It is stronger than any other sword ever created. It will protect you.”

Linda took the sword from Bjorn’s extended hand. The heft of it weighing in her hand, as if it were a fifty pound bowling ball. “And what am I to do with this? I can barely heft it, let along swing it. Besides I know nothing of how to sword fight.” Suddenly Linda’s expression goes blank, her eyes glaze over.

“Linda, what is wrong?” A minute or two passes, before she is roused back into the present by Bjorn.

“The sword, it trigger a memory of mine. I was a little girl. My grandfather had just passed. He returned to me in a dream. He handed me a sword and told me, you know what to do “Min skatt”. A great wolf appeared out of nowhere, and I knew I had to kill it. I did it. I was only a tiny child, but with the sword, I killed the wolf.” Linda then realized it was she who must kill Fenrir. Vidar may be a god, but only she could save them all from Fenrir.

“You can’t tell anyone, Linda urges Bjorn, especially not Ludvik. It must be our secret. Promise me that.”

“I promise Linda.”

“Now, about this sword, how can I learn what to do?”

Bjorn produces from inside his umbrella a sword all his own. “On guard.” Bjorn swipes the sword in Linda’s direction.

Linda hefts the heavy sword, as if it were nothing. She begins moving and blocking each and every hit. “You are better than you know.” Bjorn states. Bjorn had already known  this. He knew Linda’s training from the first time she was on earth had stuck with her.

After almost a half hour of their sword play, Bjorn exclaims, “Okay, I give!”

Linda smiles, and lowers her sword, touching the blade. “There is still so much, I do not know of my past Bjorn. Ludvik was going to tell me, and then……….”

“Would you like me to? I know it’s not the same, but.”

Linda smiles as she sheaths the sword and goes and hides it in her umbrella stand. “Maybe sometime soon you can, but not tonight. You know Katie and Paige are coming by , right?”

“Yes, Katie told me, mud facials and turkey talk.” Bjorn chuckled.

Linda moves in, and hugs Bjorn, “Thank you for the gift. And tell Sigurd thank you as well.”

“I would, but he has already ascended. He wanted to be with the rest of his family.”

“Oh, I didn’t realize.” Linda’s mind then trails off.      Pulling her back to him, Bjorn starts, “Linda, will you at least call Vidar, I mean Ludvik?” Bjorn’s accent becoming stronger by the second as his mind thinks of his brother.

“I can’t after what happened. And then I didn’t comfort him, I kicked him out. He can’t forgive me. I know realize his fear. I know it was real. He can’t save me and this baby, only I can.”

“I will leave it alone then.”

“Thank you Bjorn. Thank you for everything.”

Bjorn hugs Linda tight, before leaving her alone once again in her apartment.


©2015 ML Steele

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