Part 17

Hello all, school is back in the full swing now, so my post may be shorter, I will try to continue to post every couple of days, but between school work and housework, I’m not sure how it will go yet. Here is another section in the story. I have the ending done, but have a lot to fill in, inbetween. So, I am doing it as fast as possible. Thank you to all my loyal readers, happy reading Y’all!! 🙂

A massive battle rages, as Vidar enters the dream. Tornado’s whirl by, and fires blaze. Rain pouring down in sheets. Vidar ducks as a sword swirls by his head. Mimir then pops into the dream with him. “You don’t have to dodge things. They can’t touch you. I am surprised who you chose Vidar. I’m not so sure we will be noticed here. Odin knows how to protect his mind from dream leapers.”

“Why was I never shown how to defend my mind, or dreams I should say?”

“It never crossed my mind that you would need the training.”

The battle they enter continues its rampage. Vidar watches as gods fall and do not rise again. A realization then hits him, he has entered Odin’s memories of Ragnarok. Vidar stood watching as the events occurred. Thor is fighting furiously with Jormungand, the serpent. Finally, Thor hits Jormungand with Mjolnir and the serpent falls. Its body then constricts around Thor wrapping tighter and tighter. A tear escaped from Vidar’s eye at the loss of his brother. Vidar knows what will occur next. He watches as Fenrir moves in on Odin. The two go round and round, then Vidar sees the mistake Odin makes that gives Fenrir the advantage over him. Fenrir’s massive maw opens. Vidar then tries to insert his own image into Odin’s mind. Instantly Fenrir disappears. A female stands before Odin holding a tiny baby. The baby favors Thor, Odin notices. The eyes, they are Thor’s eyes. Odin moves towards the child holding out a hand. He notices his clothes are clean and he is no longer covered in blood. The woman holding the child is then met by a man. A man Odin recognizes immediately, Vidar. Vidar takes the child and moves towards Odin extending his hands to let him hold his child. The woman turns and he sees, it is Linda. Vidar then opens his own mind to Odin, all of his feelings toward Linda and his unborn child rush into Odin’s mind. Abruptly it is halted, a wall forms blocking Vidar. Vidar then retreats back to his own body sitting in Mimir’s office.



©2015 ML Steele

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