Part 16

“Linda, what is wrong? Do you want me to come over?”

“No, I will be okay, Ludvik and I had a fight, I think it’s over. Oh and by the way I’m pregnant.”

“You’re what?”     

“You heard me Katie, I’m pregnant.”

“Is that what the fight was over?”

“No,” Linda thought for a moment, “Actually yes. It is.”

“Oh Linda, I’m so sorry. What are you going to do?”     

“What do you mean?”

“Are you going to keep it?”

A long silence occurred, as Linda thought if only it were that simple.

“Linda sweetie you still here?”

“Yes, I am here. And yes, I am going to keep my baby. It is my baby as much as his. I can choose to have it.”     

“Yes! You can, and you have me, Paige, and Troy. And I imagine Bjorn as well. Does he know yet?”

“I don’t know. I only found out, recently. I don’t know if Ludvik told him or not.”

“Should I tell him?”

“If you want. Katie, I think I am going to go and take a nap. I am rather wore out from this all.”

“Okay sweetie, I will check on you later. I love you.”

“Yeah, me too.”


“What is dream leaping Mimir and how did Fenrir do this to me without my knowledge?”

“I think it will be easier to show you than to tell you . Plus I haven’t much time to teach you everything. You have to fix this between you and the girl.”

Vidar took a seat across from Mimir. “And what if I can’t ?”

Dodging the question, Mimir offered Vidar a glass of wine, and began, “Fenrir  leapt into your dream. He turned your dream into your worst nightmare.”

“No thank you, I have too much on my mind.”

“Drink Vidar, it will help you to clear your mind. I have much to teach you and we need to get started.”

“As you wish Mimir.” Vidar takes the large glass and empties it in one full drink.

“Now my boy, relax, and let me begin.”

A sudden realization occurring to Vidar, “Wait ! Who is guarding Linda?”

Mimir smiled at Vidar, “Do not worry I put Thor on her as soon as you left her apartment this morning. She is safe.”

Vidar then relaxed in the chair, teetering on the edge of consciousness as Mimir began.

While Mimir worked with Vidar in Valhalla, Thor took up an inconspicuous post in Linda’s building. He changed his appearance, to that of anoverweight middle aged man who had been hired by her buildings HOA to be a door man.

“Good afternoon ma’am.” Thor says smiling as he holds the door open for Paige. “Thank you for holding the door.” Paige replies, as she waddles through it.”

“Oh, I could have gotten that,” Troy added.

“No sir, it is my job. Have a lovely day.” Thor says, a twinkle in his eye, as they disappeared into the elevator.

A knock on Linda’s door, and she was up and opening it immediately.

“Whose there?” Linda beckons as she begins unlatching all of the locks.

“It’s us sweetie, you forget we were coming by?”

Opening the door a fake smile adorning her sad face, “Actual I had. It’s hard to believe how much has happened in the last twenty four hours.” Linda’s eyes then fill once again with tears.


“Vidar, can you see me?” Mimir questioned. “I can now. Where are we?”

“You are dreaming. I have entered your dream to show you how to dream leap.”

“I wasn’t even tired, how did I fall asleep so fast?”

“The wine I gave you, had something to help you sleep. I needed you to enter the dream state, so I could leap into your dream and take you with me.”

“Whose dream are we going to leap into?”

“I’m following you.” Mimir then explains the technique used to leap from one dream to another. He allows Vidar to go first, then he follows.

Suddenly Vidar is soaring through time and space, moving as he never has before. Colors spiraling all around, as images float by. The feeling he gets is euphoric as he searches through each mind, looking for the one in particular he wants to enter.


©2015 ML Steele

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