Part 15

Ludvik finally releases Linda and moves from the bed. He mumbles, “I’m going to shower.”

Linda follows, asking “What is the matter? Do you want to talk about it? Maybe I can help.”

All Ludvik can feel is the pain in his heart. He lashes out, “I have seen the death of you and my child which grows inside of you. How can you help? If Fenrir wants you dead, in the end it shall be. I know now, that no matter what I do, nothing can be changed.”

Linda stopped, as Ludvik continued into the bathroom, turning the shower on. Linda didn’t speak. She felt utterly abandoned.

Noticing the silence, Ludvik went looking for Linda. He found her slumped down on the floor of her room, in tears holding on to the tiny miracle that was her child. “I’m sorry I blew up at you, it was just so lifelike. It hurts me now to even think of it. Linda please, say something.”

Linda looked up into his face, her tear filled eyes, trying to find the truth behind what he had just told her. Nothing remained. All she could see was the terror he felt for losing her and his child, the bitter anger he felt, the storm which surged through his mind. Linda got to her feet, and in a small forceful whisper “Ludvik, please go.”

“You can’t mean that.”

“But, I do. I will not cause you more pain. You have me and this child already marked as dead in your mind, in your heart. I see it in your face. I can’t take that the next few months. Please, don’t make me have to ask again.”

Ludvik returned to the bathroom, he shut off the shower. He then returned to Linda’s room. Linda still stood frozen in the same place she had been. Ludvik tried to put his arms around her, to comfort her, to hold her. She wouldn’t allow it. She pushed him away. He gave up, and went to the bed.He picked up his shirt, and pulled it over his head. Ludvik proceeded to dress, all the while never taking his eyes off of Linda.

After Ludvik left, Linda busied herself with straightening her apartment. Having spent more time in his place the last few months, hers was severely out of order. Linda tried hard to keep busy, but no matter what she did, his words kept echoing in her head. “I have seen the death of you and my child which grows inside of you. How can you help? If Fenrir wants you dead, in the end it shall be. I know now, that no matter what I do, nothing can be changed.”

Ludvik is a god, she thought, if he can’t protect me, there is no reason for him to see me and this baby die. Linda knew she could do this. She could be strong.


“Is the girl with child?” Loki asks Fenrir.

“No, it is merely the thoughts of Vidar’s happiness is all. There has been no change in the threads, I assure you.”

“Are you certain? If she is, both she and the child will have to die. It is the only way to protect the prophecy.”

“I know this father,” Fenrir sneers.

“You best keep a very close eye on those threads. Any change in them, alert me at once.”

Fenrir vanishes into thin air, leaving Loki alone in hell.


“What have you done?” Odin shouts at Vidar as he enters the great hall in Valhalla.

“Now is not the time for this Odin.” Vidar shouts back in return.

Odin bears down on Vidar. “Do not walk away from me boy.”

Vidar stops, and turns on Odin, “What did you say to me?”

“You heard me boy.”

“I thought that’s what you said.”

Vidar pushes Odin up against the wall. His massive frame towering over Odin. “Do not refer to me as boy, or any other belittling name. My name is Vidar, and I am your son.”

Odin pushes back, not allowing his son’s size intimidate him. “I am your God! Show me respect, or I will end you.”

Vidar slumps down to his knees, “So end me then. Let me ascend.”

“Is that what you truly want?”

“Is what, what he truly wants?” Mimir asks as he joins them.

“To ascend. Vidar has asked me to end his life here in Valhalla and let him move forward. He wants the easy way out.”

“I have every reason to move forward. I have lost my will to stay here and continue this, this game you two play. I am merely a pawn, with no say in anything.”

“You mean what occurred this morning?” Mimir questions.

“Yes, I mean this morning. I have lost Linda and my child. She told me to go. I have no reason to stay, Fenrir is going to win. He is going to gobble them up just as he did Odin.”

Odin shrinks as the words leave Vidar’s mouth.

“If that is true, do you think we would have wasted all of this time? We would have waged open war on Fenrir. What you saw, is what he wanted you to see. He entered into your dream world, and planted those images in your mind. He, himself, Fenrir was in your dream? Yes?”

“Yes, but what does that have to do with anything?”

“He was dream leaping.”

Mimir then turns his attention to Odin. “Remember who, is in charge here Odin. Remember who can allow or force a god to ascend.” A stern look crossing Mimir’s face as he declares this to Odin.

Mimir then turns back to Vidar. “Please come with me Vidar, we shall talk more on this in private.”

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