Part 14

Ludvik returns to Linda’s apartment, after helping Troy. He wanders into her room, where she is asleep on the bed. He quietly slides into bed behind her snuggled up, his hand resting on the growing bump that is his unborn child.

     Ludvik drifts off to sleep, his dreams carry him back in time. He, Linda and the child live in a small village, along the coast of the ocean. He is a fisherman, and Linda tends the garden with the child tied to her, in a sling. Life for them is everything he could ever wish for. His brother appears with his family as well. But it is strange, no one is a god anymore. They are merely mortals, with a birth and a definite death. They are happy. Happier than Ludvik ever thought possible.

     Ludvik watches his life with his family play, as if it is a movie. He watches as time moves forward. He then watches as everything he loves comes to an end. He watches as a fierce storm moves in, one he has no control over. He watches as the storm takes his home and smashes it to bits. His family and himself fleeing to the cave on the cliff. He watches as a creature emerges from the cave. The creature with a massive maw. Suddenly, his beautiful Linda and tiny child are swallowed up by this creature. He falls to his feet, feeling utter heart break.

     “Ludvik, Ludvik, wake up, you’re dreaming.” Linda urged, gently shaking him as well.

Ludvik continues to moan.

“Ludvik your scaring me, please wake up.”

Linda tries shaking him harder, her urges for him to rouse louder.

Ludvik suddenly wakes sitting bolt upright in the bed. Sweat is pouring from his body, and he is shaking. Linda pulls him to her, “What is wrong baby?”

Ludvik can’t speak. He still feels the heartbreak, and pain of the loss of his family. Linda begins rocking him softly. Speaking in his ear, soft whispers in Norse. “Ek Elska Pik”, Linda utters.

Ludvik finally snaps out of it, and pulls Linda closer, holding onto her for dear life.


Fenrir walks in on Loki sitting in front of the portal which leads to earth. “What are you doing? You know you can’t leave the underworld,” Fenrir states to Loki.

Loki lets out a maniacal laugh, “I was amusing myself.”

“Exactly what were you doing, may I ask?”

“I was toying with Vidar’s dream. It is so easy to enter his dreamland. He has not been taught how to defend against it, I suppose. All of that muscle and strength and he goes to sleep and he is a helpless baby.”

Fenrir smiles, showing his large yellowing teeth. “You are so easily amused Loki. So very easily amused.”


©2015 ML Steele

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