Part 12 revised


Dawn was on its way, when Linda woke and looked at the clock. The storm seemed to have passed, and the night was still and quiet. Ludvik snuggled in closer to Linda, wrapping an arm around her and pulling her into him.

Across the city in Katie’s apartment the silence is broken by her moaning in her sleep. Suddenly she is awake, staring at the large male figure standing in her bedroom door. Katie let’s out a blood curdling scream!

“Are you okay?” Bjorn exclaims as he turns on the lamp by the door.

“I, I had a nightmare. Katie realizes she is completely nude under her covers and pulls them up to her neck. “What are you doing here, in my apartment?”

“You don’t remember any of last night, do you?”

“No, I can’t. Last thing I remember, is Linda introducing me to you.”

“You got sick in the restaurant, after a few drinks. I collected you up and brought you home.”

“I didn’t throw up, did I?”

“Don’t worry, I cleaned it up, and I put you in the shower, and got you to bed.”

“So, you have seen me naked?”

“Yes, but it wasn’t like that.” Bjorn looks down at the floor. “I was just taking care of you.”

“I’m sorta naked now.”

“Yes, well………I wasn’t going to go nosing through your drawers, to find you something to put on. Honestly I was a bit worried at what I may find, you being a single woman and all.”

At this comment, Katie couldn’t help but laugh a bit. She found him to be sweet and kind, and in a way, protective of her.

“Could you pass me my robe from the back of the bathroom door?”

Bjorn headed straight there, and retrieved a floral satin robe. He handed the robe to Katie, then turned his back for her to dress.

“You are a gentleman, Bjorn.” She then slid by him tying her sash on her way to the bathroom. Bjorn goes and straightens the bed, while Katie is gone. Trying to keep himself busy and his mind off of Katie’s beautiful body.

As Katie returned to her room, she watched asBjorn made her bed. She mumbled, “A gentleman and domestic, I am a lucky girl, aren’t I?” A very large grin appearing on her face.

Katie had taken the time while in the bathroom to brush her teeth, wash her face and add scent. As she walked up to Bjorn, he smelt the lovely fragrance, and breathed deep. Katie took advantage, of his preoccupation, and moved in close. His back still to her as he tried to get the sheet tucked back in at the corner. Her hand rubs up his bare back. She feels the chemistry still as strong as it had been when they first met.

“I would like to say thank you, for taking care of me last night. Her hand, moves from his back to down his strong arm. The fact you didn’t take advantage of me, says a lot about your character.”

“How do you know, I didn’t take advantage?” Bjorn straightens up, as he enjoys Katie’s touch on his skin.

Katie giggles a bit, “Well, if you did,” Katie moves in so close her lips brush his back, “Your package is incredibly tiny.”

Bjorn stands there lost for words, not moving a single muscle as Katie circles around in front of him, the smile still on her face.

“And from the looks of it, you are definitely not tiny. I would say, you are more the opposite.”

Bjorn continued his silence, as Katie’s lips land on his softly caressing. Her hands moving to his bare chest. He pulls her in close and she feels the full extent of just how not tiny he truly is. Katie suddenly gasps at her discovery. Bjorn smiles, then his lips return to hers. His hands untying the robe. He carefully slips it off her shoulders and it falls to the floor. He picks her up, her legs going around his waist. He lays her on the bed. His mouth begins exploring her beautiful body.

Linda wakes once again. She rolls over to find Ludvik sound asleep in the bed. She crawls from under his massive arm. She pulls his pajama shirt she wore down to cover her panties. She quietly pulls on the pair of long wool socks she borrowed from him night before to keep her feet warm. Linda, then heads to the kitchen.

Linda is so busy in her preparation for breakfast, she never hears Ludvik rise from bed, and join her. She is mixing pancake batter, when he appears at the doorway  by the fridge in the kitchen. Linda jumps, and spills some of the batter in the floor.

“Geeze Ludvik, you are going to have to stop doing that to me while I cook! I guess those were your pancakes I just dropped.” Linda Teased as she set the bowl down to clean up the mess.

“No, I have this Linda, you go ahead and cook.”

Linda smiled to Ludvik as he went to his knees, towel in hand. “If I didn’t know better, I might think you made me spill it just so you could get a look up my shirt.”

Ludvik chuckled. “That thought hadn’t crossed my mind, but since you brought it up.” Ludvik reaches up and grabs Linda’s leg playfully, exposing her bare butt cheek in the process. “You are so beautiful Linda. Every part of you, you know that don’t you?”

Linda smiles as she pulls the shirt back down and prepares to start frying the pancakes. “I know you think so, and I am very glad you do.”

Time moves forward, with remarkable speed for the new couples. The month of September is a distant memory, and October is well underway. Few days remain until the party at Paige’s and Linda is helping to make the final preparations. She has ventured out alone to pick up lunch, as Paige rested. Her pregnancy had become a bit complicated, and she was no longer able to do much at a time.

“You sure you don’t mind going and picking it up? I could just make us lunch here.” Paige asked.

“I’m sure, the walk will do me good, and while I’m gone, you put your feet up and try and take a nap. I will be back soon.”

“I will try.”

“Are there any other errands you need done, while I wait for the food to finish?”

“No, Troy can go later. Thank you Linda, you are such a lunch saver.” Paige then began giggling.

Linda too, couldn’t help but laugh at such a bad joke. “Okay sweetie, I will return soon. Rest, I love you.” Linda then kisses Paige’s forehead, and sees herself out.

Linda walked down the street, a short twenty minutes until arriving in the city. Paige and Troy had been lucky to find such a great location, with a house. As Linda walked she breathed deeply, taking in the fresh air, before entering into the fume laden city.

Linda’s eyes couldn’t help but notice the color changes occurring to the trees, as she monitored her surroundings. Linda was feeling free and exhilarated this morning. She snapped a selfie of herself with the trees as her backdrop, then sent it immediately to Ludvik.

She captioned the photo, “Enjoying the autumn weather, as I go and retrieve lunch for myself and Paige.”

Ludvik immediately replied, “Where are you headed? I will meet you.”

“The baby was craving Italian. Big surprise, eh. I’m going to Papa Giovani’s.”

“Sounds good, I will see you soon. XO”


Linda arrived at the restaurant, and placed her order. It was an old fashion establishment, no calling ahead, no online ordering. This made it a bit of a hassle to most, but the food made up for it. Papa Giovani had arrived from Italy twenty years ago, and opened the establishment and he believed in keeping things how they were in the old world.

Ludvik arrives, as Linda sits waiting on her order. “Hello beautiful. How is the mother to be doing today?”

“She was resting when I left her. She gets more exhausted every day. I hope she can hold off delivery for the sake of the baby.”

“How are you today?”

“I am good, can’t wait until work is done, so we can have dinner.”

“Me too,” Linda said as her hand found his.

“What would you like to do tonight?”

“I don’t know, what would you like to do?”

“Maybe a movie?”

“Your place or mine?” Linda giggled.

“I think Bjorn is going to be at Katie’s, so we could be at my place.”

Linda couldn’t help but giggle, she spent most of her time at Ludvik’s house anymore. Yes it was a longer commute to work, but she enjoyed being with him every moment she could.

“Sounds good to me. I will bring popcorn and milk duds. You pick the movie.”


“Order for Ms. Dalton.” The hostess called out.

“That would be me. Thank you,” as Linda took the bag from the hostess’s hands.

The two then exit the restaurant together. “So, I will see you tonight?” Ludvik questions once again.

“Yes, you will. Just a few more hours.” Linda places the bag on the ground, at their feet, she then leans up and places a soft kiss on Ludvik’s warm lips.”

“Maybe you should make a fire tonight as well. I think a cold front is moving in.” Linda pulled her sweater in around her, trying to block the wind.

A hairy, steamy hand, appears around Linda’s waist, pulling her toward its hot body. Ludvik immediately springs into action. His hand going to Linda, pulling her back towards him. The remainder of Fenrir then materializing in front of them.

Linda’s eyes focused in on this man, as he tried his best to kidnap her. His eyes were narrow and yellow, hair long and matted. Breathe so steamy, it felt like it singed the hair on her arm, through her sweater.

Reality sets in, in a matter of seconds, as Ludvik places his hand on her, cooling her temperature back down. Linda then begins to struggle. She lets out a scream, and immediately someone else has materialized. Between Ludvik and the other person who appeared, they manage to get Linda free. Linda then realizes who has appeared. Bjorn, but he looks different. He seems to be dressed for a costume party. Linda assumes he was trying on costumes, when Ludvik texted him, but then Ludvik didn’t text. Linda feels dizzy suddenly, then she is laying on the ground the next.

Thor expands his wings blocking Fenrir, as Ludvik collects Linda and her bag, and leaves the area. Thor pulls Mjolnir from Megngjord, his gloves already in place.

“I think DOG, it is time I sent you back to where you came.”

Fenrir is trying hard to get past the outstretched wings to the unconscious Linda.

“You can try, but that tiny thing you call a hammer, will not, keep me there.”

Fenrir decides the best way to get to Linda, is straight through Thor. He then descends upon Thor, chain raised, to block Mjolnir. Thor realizes at the last second, Fenrir’s plan, and turns his body out of the way. No sign of Linda remains.

“You cost me the girl once again!” Fenrir roars.

Fenrir’s anger very apparent in his sudden change in demeanor. He turns, mouth open, chain in hand, and heads straight to Thor.

Ludvik carried Linda back to Paige’s house. He let them in, using her key, seeing as Paige would probably still be sleeping. Ludvik placed the keys and bag on the table just inside the door.

“Is that you Linda?” Paige called from her bedroom.

“Yes, but it is Ludvik as well. Linda passed out, I carried her here. It is closer than my place or hers. I hope you don’t mind.”

“No, is she okay? What happened?” Paige made her way to the living room and began assisting Ludvik .

Ludvik lied to Paige, “I’m not sure. Do you know if she has eaten today? Maybe that had something to do with it.”

“No, she hadn’t. She went to get food for us.”      “Ludvik interrupted, the bag is on the table just inside the door, maybe you could make her a plate?”

“Sure, I will get her a glass of ginger ale as well. I hope she isn’t getting sick. “

Paige then waddled out of the room, and gave Ludvik the time he needed to alter Linda’s memory and bring her to.

After several minutes, Linda woke with a start. “Where am I? What happened?”

“Calm down, and stay put.” Ludvik demanded. “She is awake Paige.”

“Oh I am at Paige’s. What happened?”

“What do you remember?”

“I remember going to get Paige and me lunch. I remember meeting you. Then I remember talking with you about our plans tonight and lastly, kissing you.”

“You passed out.” Ludvik states.

Paige then appeared in the room. “Remind me never to kiss you Ludvik. If a kiss knocks a girl out.” Paige snickered.

Linda slowly began sitting up. “While I was out, I had the strangest dream. It was so lifelike. Bjorn was in it.”

“Should I be jealous?” Ludvik joked.

Linda took a sip from the ginger ale, “No. It was odd, he was dressed in a costume, and fighting with a dog.”

“Maybe you hit your head when you fell.” Paige insisted.

Ludvik then began an inspection of Linda’s head, at Paige’s urging. “No marks. I think you should eat something, then you will feel better.”

“Oh I’m sorry Ludvik, you had to return to work.”

“I will call in another pilot, to cover for me, while you and Paige eat. I won’t be a few minutes. If you two will excuse me, I will step outside.”

Paige nodded, her mouth full of lasagna. Ludvik smiled at the beautiful mother to be. “Thank you Paige, keep an eye on her and yell if you need anything.

Paige nodded once again. Ludvik kissed Linda’s head and rose to his feet. He stepped out onto the porch, and called Mimir.


Thor grabbed the Fenrir around the neck. “I am not my father Dog. Your large maw does not frighten me.”

Gasping for air Fenrir growled “You should be Norse. It brought your father to his knees, and it will you as well.”

Fenrir brings up a massive paw, knocking Mjolnir from Thor’s grasp. He then begins to laugh. “Norse, you will be easier to kill than your father.”

“That’s what you think dog.” As Mjolnir returns to Thor’s hand. Thor then brings the hammer down on the Fenrir’s head hard. A flash of light, and Fenrir is gone.


Fenrir arrives in hell, cursing and in a great deal of pain. “I will end you Norse. I will end every last one of you.”

“And how do you propose to do that?” Loki questions. ” You can’t even capture the girl. Once again you have failed.”

“There were two of them and only one of me. What do you expect?”

“What I expect is for you to get the girl and mate with her. The creature must be reborn, and she is the only way for it to happen.”

“I know this father. I will collect her in time. Have no fear of that.”

Fenrir shakes off the effects of being returned to hell, not of his own free will.

The night of Halloween arrives, and the moon is full. Linda is dressed as Venus the Goddess of Love. Her long flowing white gown, made of satin. Her beautiful midriff showing its soft pale flatness. A gold band wrapped around her arm, and a crown made of fragrant flowers. Ludvik is speechless as he lays eyes upon the fair Goddess.

Linda moves in closer to Ludvik. “Your choice in costume is very sexy. I like how it clings to every muscle in your sexy body. Linda’s hand goes up and touches his skin, “It feels so life like. A gargoyle, just like the one outside my office. Only I like your version better.”

“What is it you like better about my version, than the one outside of your office?”

“To be honest, your face. I love your handsome face Ludvik.” Ludvik smiles and offers to refill Linda’s wine as he goes and gets his own.

There is much celebration and toasting going on as everyone wishes the parents to be a healthy and happy baby. Ludvik and Linda are pulled to the dance floor, by Katie and Bjorn. The evening seems like a dream as they twirl and kick.

At the end of the night, Ludvik escorts Linda home, where they begin making out in the hall of her building. She finally fumbles with the keys, and gets the lock open. They stumble through the door. Ludvik pushes it back closed, and locks the locks with one. The other hand on Linda’s back, softly caressing her bare skin.

“You are so sexy, I want you. I need you now.” Linda utters to Ludvik. He smiles at her. His lips return to hers. He begins by kissing her mouth, then his lips move on to her neck and down her chest. “My God you are beautiful.” Ludvik states. “Stay right where you are, I will return in a moment.”

Ludvik goes into the bathroom, and moves the dial on his watch. His body, transforming into that of his mortal image. Ludvik returns from the bathroom, wearing nothing but his boxers and his watch. The fabric pulled tight from his yearning for Linda. He pulls her in close, she feels what has made the fabric so tight push hard up against her. She is both excited and scared for this to finally happen.

Linda quietly whispers in his ear, “Please be careful, this is my first time.”

“Are you sure you want to do this?”

“Yes, please, yes.”

“I will be as gently as the morning dew is on a rose petal.”

Ludvik smiles at Linda as he rips her dress open revealing her bare breasts and tiny pink panties. His hands caressing her soft flesh, his lips tasting her skin.

Morning arrives, and Linda wakes slowly. She opens her eyes and as she rolls over. She sees Ludvik is in her bed. Faint images of the night before return. She slides to the side of the bed, her feet finding the floor. She walks to the bathroom to freshen up. She quickly empties her bladder, and washes up. Then she brushes her teeth, and washes her face. She runs her fingers through her short brown hair, as she makes her way back to bed. She slides back into the bed, right up against Ludvik. She begins kissing and nuzzling his chest. He stirs from his sound slumber, and her mouth moves up to his neck. She slowly makes her way to his mouth. After a long hard kiss, he says good morning baby. How did you sleep? She says quite well, as she slides her body back across his. His hands go to her waist, but she removes them with hers’, and pins them to the bed. Ludvik plays along, letting her think she is controlling him, until he finds his moment, and flips her over in bed, and she is at his mercy.

He kisses her and whispers to her, “ek elska pik”. Without thinking, Linda says, “I love you too.”

Ludvik’s lips begin caressing Linda’s body. Her hands move to his, the two once again becoming one.

©2015 ML Steele

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