Part 12

Ok y’all here is the deal… I have a bit of writers block. I am not gonna punish my loyal readers, by not posting the next section, I just need you aware, that when you read, it will be a bit choppy in places. The *** signs signify that I have more to add in that I can’t think of at this moment. The way it usually works for me, is I put on my headphones, crank up the music, (ONLY CERTAIN SONGS ) and low and behold, the movie starts to play in my mind. Unfortunately that didn’t occur for me tonight. I will revise my post, as the story comes, but in the mean time, I hope y’all enjoy this part. Thank you all and Happy Reading my friends.


Dawn was on its way, when Linda woke and looked at the clock. The storm seemed to have passed, and the night was still and quiet. Ludvik snuggled in closer to Linda, wrapping an arm around her and pulling her into him.

Across the city in Katie’s apartment, she woke suddenly startled. She cries out, and Bjorn appears at her door.

“Are you okay?”

“I had a nightmare. Katie realizes she is completely nude under her covers and pulls them up to her neck. “What are you doing here, in my apartment?”


“You don’t remember none of last night, do you?”

“No, I can’t. Last thing I remember, is Linda introducing me to you.”

“You got sick in the restaurant, after a few drinks. I collected you up and brought you home.”

“I didn’t throw up, did I?”

“Don’t worry, I cleaned it up, and I put you in the shower, and got you to bed.”

“I’m sorta naked.”

“I wasn’t going to go nosing through your drawers, to find you something to put on. Honestly I was a bit worried at what I may find, you being a single woman and all.”      At this comment, Katie couldn’t help but laugh a bit. She found him to be sweet and kind, and in a way, protective of her.

“Could you pass me my robe from the back of the bathroom door?”

Bjorn headed straight there, and retrieved a floral satin robe. He handed the robe to Katie, then turned his back for her to dress.      “You are a gentleman, Bjorn.” She then slid by him tying her sash on her way to the bathroom. Bjorn goes and straightens the bed, while Katie is gone.

As Katie returned to her room, she mumbled, “A gentleman and domestic, I am a lucky girl, aren’t I?” A very large grin appearing on her face.

Katie had taken the time while in the bathroom to brush her teeth, wash her face and add scent. As she walked up to Bjorn, she took advantage, and moved in close. Their chemistry still as strong as it had been in the restaurant.

“I would like to say thank you, for taking care of me last night. The fact you didn’t take advantage of me, says a lot about your character.”

“How do you know, I didn’t take advantage?”

Katie giggles a bit, “Well, if you did,” Katie moves in so close her lips brush his neck, “Your package is incredibly tiny.”

Bjorn stands there lost for words, as Katie circles around in front of him, the smile still on her face.

“And from the looks of it, you are definitely not tiny. I would say, you are more the opposite.”

Bjorn continued his silence, as Katie’s lips land on his softly caressing. Her hands moving up to his bare chest. He pulls her in close and she feels the full extent of just how not tiny he truly is. Katie suddenly gasps at her discovery. Bjorn smiles, then his lips return to hers. His hands untying the robe. He carefully slips it off her shoulders and it falls to the floor. He picks her up her legs going around his waist. He lays her on the bed. His mouth begins exploring her beautiful body.


Time moves forward, with remarkable speed for the new couples.


The night of Halloween arrives, and the moon is full. Linda is dressed as Venus the Goddess of Love. Her long flowing white gown, made of satin. Her beautiful midriff showing its soft pale flatness. A gold band wrapped around her arm, and a crown made of fragrant flowers. Ludvik is speechless as he lays eyes upon the fair Goddess.

Linda moves in closer to Ludvik. “Your choice in costume is very sexy. I like how it clings to every muscle in your sexy body. Linda’s hand goes up and touches his skin, “It feels so life like. A gargoyle, just like the one outside my office. Only I like your version better.”

“What is it you like better about my version, than the one outside of your office?”

“To be honest, your face. I love your handsome face Ludvik.” Ludvik smiles and offers to refill Linda’s wine as he goes and gets his own.

There is much celebration and toasting going on as everyone wishes the parents to be a healthy and happy baby. Ludvik and Linda are pulled to the dance floor, by Katie and Bjorn.


At the end of the night, Ludvik escorts Linda home, where they begin making out in the hall of her building. She finally fumbles with the keys, and gets the lock open. They stumble through the door. Ludvik pushes it back closed, and locks the locks with one. The other hand on Linda’s back, softly caressing her bare skin.

“You are so sexy, I want you. I need you now.” Linda utters to Ludvik. He smiles at her. His lips return to hers. He begins by kissing her mouth, then his lips move on to her neck and down her chest. “My God you are beautiful.” Ludvik states. “Stay right where you are, I will return in a moment.”

Ludvik goes into the bathroom, and moves the dial on his watch. His body, transforming into that of his mortal image. Ludvik returns from the bathroom, wearing nothing but his boxers and his watch. The fabric pulled tight from his yearning for Linda. He pulls her in close, she feels what has made the fabric so tight push hard up against her. She is both excited and scared for this to finally happen.

Linda quietly whispers in his ear, “Please be careful, this is my first time.”

“Are you sure you want to do this?”

“Yes, please.”

“I will be as gently as the morning dew is on a rose petal.”

Ludvik smiles at Linda as he rips her dress open revealing her bare breasts and tiny pink panties. His hands caressing her soft flesh, his lips tasting her skin.

Morning arrives, and Linda wakes slowly. She opens her eyes and as she rolls over. She sees Ludvik is in her bed. Faint images of the night before return. She slides to the side of the bed, her feet finding the floor. She walks to the bathroom to freshen up. She quickly empties her bladder, and washes up. Then she brushes her teeth, and washes her face. She runs her fingers through her short brown hair, as she makes her way back to bed. She slides back into the bed, right up against Ludvik. She begins kissing and nuzzling his chest. He stirs from his sound slumber, and her mouth moves up to his neck. She slowly makes her way to his mouth. After a long hard kiss, he says good morning baby. How did you sleep? She says quite well, as she slides her body back across his. His hands go to her waist, but she removes them with hers’, and pins them to the bed. Ludvik plays along, letting her think she is controlling him, until he finds his moment, and flips her over in bed, and she is at his mercy.

He kisses her and whispers to her, “ek elska pik”. Without thinking, Linda says, “I love you too.”

Ludvik’s lips begin caressing Linda’s body. Her hands move to his, the two once again becoming one.

©2015 ML Steele


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