Part 11

Fenrir returned to his haven in the underworld, furious over the mix up. That demon he sent to hell, would not be returning ever.

“Loki where are you?”

“I am here, what has gotten your knickers in a knot?”

“The girl, she escaped again.”

“Oh foolish wolf, do you think I cannot see all you do in the realm of earth?”

“Remember who you speak to father. I am doing your footwork. Without me, your prophecy means nothing. I have no interest in mating with the human. I only want blood. I will mate with her in order for you to rise up and be ruler as you should, but do not refer to me as some no one you can control.”

Loki solemnly looks away. “You are right Fenrir, my apologies. I saw those idiots collected the wrong girl. They must rely on more than a name before they next call. Make sure they are certain.”

“I will father.”

“Time is ticking Fenrir, if the girl is not able to produce the special creature by the mortal New Year, she must be killed. The prophecy must be maintained.”

“You mean, if she lives until January 2nd, the prophecy ends?”

“Yes. It was a loophole put in place, by the fates.”

“Why can they never sew one yarn together, with no loop wholes?”

“What fun would there be in that Fenrir?”

“You thrive on fun Loki. Your tricks and games are maddening.”

“Only to those who do not enjoy the game.”

Few did enjoy Loki’s games. He used them to get what he wanted. They are what landed him in Hell, for all eternity. The reason, he is forced to rely on Fenrir to do his bidding on earth.


Back on earth, Bjorn and Katie make their way to her apartment. She fumbles with the keys, and opens the door. She then collapses on the couch, still feeling the effects of Bjorn’s telepathic suggestion. Bjorn follows her inside, and closes and locks the door. He places her bag on the table, and removes her shoes. He then picks her up and carries her to the shower. She is no longer conscious. Bjorn strips her down, and steps inside the warming shower where he cleans the blood from her body, and her head. When he finishes, he carefully lifts her out and dries her off. Bjorn places Katie’s nude body on her bed. He then sets about the task of healing the cuts and scrapes covering her body. When he is finished, he tucks her in, and begins cleaning up the bathroom and himself.



“You sure you don’t mind doing the dishes? I can help.”

“No Ludvik, I don’t mind. Please, go take a shower, and relax. You can come and find me when you get out and we can watch a movie while this massive storm finishes up.”

Ludvik heads toward his bedroom. He grabs some pj’s and then hits the shower adjacent to his room. He listens for Linda to begin then he turns the shower on. Ludvik then disappears from earth, and reappears in Valhalla.

“Mimir, are you here?”

Odin comes walking in from the great hall. “Mimir is in a meeting, what is it you need? I may can help.”

Vidar was in no mood to deal with his father. “Tell Mimir I need to see him, now it is very urgent.”

“The girl, did something happen? Fenrir?”

“Just deliver the message. Please.”

Odin tried no more, to talk to his son. He moved with great speed, in the direction of Mimir’s office. He disappeared behind the door, and reemerged seconds later, with Mimir on his heels.

“What is it my boy?” Mimir questioned.

Vidar wrapped an arm around Mimir’s shoulder and walked down to the great hall, speaking in whispers. “I don’t have much time, but I need to know what happened and if Thor and Katie are okay.”

“Is that all you need? You pull me from an important matter, to answer questions Odin could have.”

Vidar looked down at the floor. He felt embarrassed to be reprimanded by Mimir.

Finally Mimir gave Vidar the information he needed.

“Thank you Mimir, I’m sorry I had to bother you though.”

“You must learn to speak to your father Vidar.”

“I will try Mimir.”

Vidar then disappeared with a flash of light.

“Ludvik, you still in the shower?” Linda yelled through the door as she knocked. No answer came. She opened the door, and there standing naked in the shower, was Ludvik.

“Did you need something Linda?”

Linda then began stripping out of her clothes. She crawled in the shower, and began kissing Ludvik.

“What a pleasant surprise.”

“I hope you don’t mind my joining you.”

Ludvik’s mouth returned to Linda’s, letting her know he was okay with her being there.


“Odin, you must fix this with Vidar. I can’t have him interrupting me for such mundane information. I have one goal and one goal alone.”

“I know this Mimir, and if I could, I would. I just do not know how. He is so angry with me.”

“It will take time. You must continue trying.”

“Yes, you are right.”

“This isn’t the only reason I called you here.”

“What is it then?”

“They are getting closer. Come and see for yourself.” Odin then follows Mimir into his office.




©2015 ML Steele

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