Part 10

Bjorn is there at Linda’s office, when she and Katie get off  work. Linda smiles and introduces the two.

“Bjorn, this is my friend Katie, Katie this is Ludvik’s brother, Bjorn.”

Bjorn takes Katie’s hand and brings it to his lips, kissing the back of it. “Very nice to meet you Katie.”

“Oh my, nice to meet you too, Bjorn. I hope I said your name correctly.”

Katie hadn’t in fact. She had totally butchered the pronunciation. However Bjorn was oblivious to this fact.

“It sounds like the harp playing when you say my name.”

“Linda, where have you been hiding him? He is so romantic.”

“Yes he is Katie. Shall we be off?”

Linda felt if they stood around chatting much more, she might throw up, from all of the sweetness between the two.

When the trio arrived at Ludvik’s home, he was still busy in the kitchen cooking. Linda followed the sounds of pots clanking and Norse curses being uttered. She peeks her head around the corner, “Is everything okay?”

Ludvik looked up from chopping an onion, tears running down his cheeks. “I’m sorry, I thought I was here alone.”

“Do you want me to go? I can take them and the three of us go somewhere.”

“No, it’s okay, the onions make my eyes water.”

However, it was apparent to Linda, the tears were from more than just chopping onions.

“You want to talk about what is bothering you?

“Not right now, the others are here, right?”


“Later tonight when everyone leaves.”

Linda excused herself, to the powder room. However, she actually  headed back to the living room to send Katie and Bjorn out for the evening.

“Hey, would you two mind going out for dinner tonight? My treat? Katie, I will give you my credit card, and y’all can go where ever you like.”

“Is everything okay?”

“Yes, I just kind of want to be alone with Ludvik this evening.”

Bjorn threw a wink Linda’s way as if he knew why. “Sure, we will let you two be alone, but I have dinner covered.”

“No, really I insist on paying.”

Katie takes the card, “If you’re sure.”

“I am positive. Thank you two, and we will do dinner, the four of us another time.”

Linda saw them off, then closed and locked the door. She then geared herself up, for whatever was bother Ludvik.

Linda returned to the kitchen. “We are now alone. Please tell me what is bothering you.”

Ludvik turned off the pan, and  sat at the table. He began talking, his accent much stronger than usual. “It is my father.”

“Oh My Gosh Ludvik is he okay?”

“Yes, we got into a row, just like always. We can’t even be in the same room and speak without a fight.”

“I am sorry. That is how me and my mom were, before she died. We fought like cats and dogs. Now I wish she were here, to apologize for it. I feel like we wasted all of that time.”

“It feels as if our arguing has been going on for an eternity. He did not have me out of Love, for my mother. He had me because I was needed. You know how that makes a person feel?”

“No, I can’t say as I do. I do know that I care about you a lot. I don’t want you to hurt. What can I do to help?”

Ludvik then beckoned Linda to come to him. He pulled her onto his lap, and laid his head on her chest. “You have showed me more love in the small amount of time we have known each other, than my father has in my whole lifetime.”

Linda pulled him in closer to her chest, and kissed the top of his head. She then turned his face up to hers, she dried his eyes with her hands. Her lips fell upon his, softly touching. She did love him, but she was in no way ready to share that bit of information with him or anyone else.

Bjorn and Katie arrive at the restaurant. It is a place Katie and Linda frequent often.

“So what is good?”

“I think we will start with a drink and appetizer, if that is okay by you.”

“Sounds good to me, as long as I get to look at you.”

Katie giggled. She was use to men falling all over her, but never one as gorgeous as Bjorn. “You may.”

” I think I will have a white wine spritzer, Bjorn?” Katie announced as the waitress appeared. The girl, didn’t seem to hear her, let alone see her. Her eyes were engrossed on Katie’s date. Katie snapped her fingers in front of the waitress’s face, finally pulling her out of the daze. “I said I would like a white wine spritzer, eyes over here sweetie.”

Bjorn didn’t even notice. His eyes were glued to Katie. To him, Katie with her long blonde hair, could be Sif’s twin. Sif had ascended long ago, and although he may have random sexual encounters with whom ever he chooses, his heart still belonged to Sif.

“Bjorn, what would you like?” Katie asked. “Oh, sorry what do you have on tap?”

The girl named off all that was on tap. Bjorn ordered his brew and Katie added on an appetizer. The food arrived along with their drinks, and the two sat talking and nibbling all the while wanting to get out of the place and head back to Katie’s.

As the waitress came around to take their dinner order, Katie and Bjorn exclaimed at the same time, “Check!”

The waitress smiled, and went in search of their ticket. When she returned, Katie handed the girl Linda’s card. The girl then disappeared with the bill and card, only for a man to return, holding Linda’s card in her hand.

“Ms. Dalton, if you could come with me.”

Bjorn speaks up, “What seems to be the problem.”

“It’s none of your concern, this is between the lady and me.”

Bjorn asks Katie, “Do you know him?”

“No I’ve never seen him before in my life.”

“I am going to have to ask what this is about.”

“The man” then looks at Bjorn with red glowing eyes.

“Katie get the card and take my hand.”

Katie reaches up and snatches the card from the man’s hand. She then takes hold of Bjorn’s hand, and they are on their feet and out the door, before she can blink.

“Katie, you are going to have to run. Can you?”

“What is going on?”

“Do you trust me?”

” I don’t know I just met you.”

“Look me in the eyes.”

Katie did as Bjorn asked. As he slipped on his gloves, he told her, you will do as I say, no questions asked. You also will remember none of this in the morning. Katie then blinked, and it was as if she were in a trance.

“Now run Katie!”

It was too late though, Bjorn and Katie had been surrounded by demons, dressed as mortal men.

“What do you want?” Thor demanded, his hand resting on his hammer which rested in the back of his belt. None of the demons spoke. “Okay, cats got your tongues, then I have no other choice.” He slid Mjolnir from Megingjard, and began.

Linda and Ludvik have finally settled in and are having dinner. She had helped him to finish cooking and managed to take his mind off the recent disagreement between him and his father.

“Is that thunder? It wasn’t suppose, to storm again for a few days.”

Ludvik becomes concerned.“Will you excuse me for a moment, I just remembered something?”

“Sure,” Linda hoped this wouldn’t remind him of what had occurred earlier.

“Mimir, send gargoyles to Thor’s location, it is getting ready to storm here on earth. I have already seen the flashes of lightning and hear the thunder of Mjolnir’s rumble!” Ludvik sent the text, and took a deep breath. He then returned to dinner with Linda.

“Everything okay?”

“I hope so.”

Thor began by carefully twisting the dial on his watch to the right, not an easy task in his gloves. His body began to change, growing a hard outer cover, and wings from his back. As he stood there, ready to fight with Mjolnir in his hand, the first demon moved forward.

The first demon distracted Thor, while the others all moved in at once. Katie stumbled to the ground, with one demon heading straight for her. Thor threw Mjolnir knocking that demon out into the road. A cab hit it, and suddenly the demon was up on the windshield. It fell to the road as the cabbie drove off into the dark night.

Mjolnir returned to Thor’s hand, and Thor spread his wings, taking to the air. Katie sat on the ground in awe of the magnificent glow surrounding Thor. The demons made contact, pulling on Thor’s wings, trying to bring him back down. Thor was having a field day, though. He began a deadly game of golf using Mjolnir as his club, and the demons heads as the ball. One demon brings a chain into the game, followed by another. They toss the chains across Thor’s back, giving them leverage against him. Thor falls to the ground as his wings get even more tangled in the mess of chains now covering his back.

As Thor struggles to regain his footing, a new demon appears. The demon is hidden in the dark of the night. Then his eyes fall upon Thor, and Thor realizes who it is by the yellow of his eyes. Thor is back on his feet barely, before Fenrir is upon him.

“So, another Norse trying to protect the girl. When will you learn, that I will have her and there is nothing you can do about it?”

“Never, as long as there is Gargoyles around, you will never have the girl. We would as soon see her perish then to end up in your cursed paws.”

“Big words for a glorified bird caught in a net.”

Thor then noticed a flock of so called glorified birds flying in from overhead.

“I may be a glorified bird, but as long as I live, I will do everything in my power to ensure you cannot lay a finger on the girl.”

“I think I can remedy that.” Fenrir goes after Thor, teeth bared, ready to attack.

Fenrir forgets one strength Thor has, as Mjolnir flies from his hand, and knocks Fenrir in the mouth. Thor takes this distraction and stands up straight and rips the chains from his body. The flock of “birds” arrival, timed just perfect. One flew by and picked up a demon, flying up to a rooftop and dropping him to the ground below, returning it to the underworld. Another gargoyle flew down and went head on into a demon, causing it to return to the underworld as well. Slowly one by one the demons disappeared, until it came down to Fenrir and one other demon.

“Where is the girl?” Fenrir demanded.

“She is on the ground down there.” The demon pointed at Katie.

“You have the wrong girl. You fool!” Fenrir then struck the last demon down and he himself disappeared.

“Where did they go, one of the gargoyles demanded?”

“Disappeared,” Thor stated.

A quick turn of his dial, and Thor was back to his human shape. He then went to Katie’s aid.

“You okay?”

“Yes, I think so.”

“Give me your hand, and I will help you to your feet.”

Katie reached up, and there in her hand as Thor took it, he found the reason Fenrir had arrived, Linda’s credit card.





*Megingjard-Thor’s belt that doubles his strength

*Mjolnir- Thor’s hammer





©2015 ML Steele

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