Part 9

The door swings open, and Ludvik announces, “You must be Paige and Troy.”

Troy extends a hand, “Good to meet you, you must be Ludvik.”

“I am, and good to meet you as well. I only learned of you two this morning, when Linda’s reminder went off on her phone.”

“I’m Paige, Troy’s other half,” as she holds up her wedding ring, verifying she does indeed belong to Troy. “Glad to meet you, I have heard even more than Troy has about you,” Paige snickered. “Don’t worry, it’s all good. Now where are you hiding Linda?”

As if on cue, Linda entered the living room. “Here I am sweetie,” she walks over and places a kiss on Paige’s cheek, and hugs her tight. “Paige, not to be rude, but sweetie, you have gained some weight over the last few months. And it seems to be right in your belly.” A realization hitting Linda as she spoke. “You aren’t pregnant, are you?”

“We were going to tell you later, once we were settled in. I didn’t realize it was that noticeable yet.” Paige states as she pulls her shirt tight across her belly.

Troy reaches over, and rubs Paige’s belly. “Paige, how could it not be? Your belly has baby written all over it.”

Sensing a lovey dovey scene coming, Linda says, “Come on in and get comfortable. I will show you to your room, and y’all can get freshened up and ready for dinner.”

The new arrivals followed Linda through the living room, down the hall, and into the room they would share. She showed them where their bathroom was, and then left them to settle in before dinner.

“How long has it been since you last seen them?” Ludvik questioned.

“Oh, just a few months. Well, they were married in January, and I flew down for the wedding. I was Paige’s maid of honor. I think that was the last time.”

“They seem like a very sweet couple.”

“Oh, they are!” Linda added, “They sorta make me sick with how loving they are to one another. I cannot honestly imagine any couple as happy and in love as the two of them are.”

“You never know Linda, it can happen. They are proof.”

“I suppose you are right. Want to come and help me get the appetizer out of the fridge and open a bottle of wine, so it can breathe before dinner?”

“I would love to.”

Ludvik followed Linda into the kitchen, and they dealt with the tasks at hand. Troy and Linda soon emerged, and the small dinner party was underway.

“Linda, if we move up here, which I am pretty sure we will, you will come to our Halloween party/Baby shower, won’t you?” Paige asked.

“Do I get to dress up?”

“Of course, that is why we are doing it all together.”

“May I bring a date?” Linda’s eyes wandering to Ludvik.

“Yes again, but only if it’s Ludvik. We sort of like him a lot Linda.”

Linda giggled a bit, she then began clearing appetizer plates.

“Here let me help.” Ludvik was on his feet assisting Linda as if he too were hosting this impromptu dinner.

“You are very kind. I will get the entrée and the bread I made. Hope y’all have plenty of room for what I have cooked. It’s Italian. I know how Paige loves it.”

“Did you make the bread?” Paige anxiously asks.

“I did. Ludvik actually come over right in the middle of it.”

Paige eyed the two of them as if she thought something other than bread making had occurred. “You can catch me up on your personal life tomorrow Linda, I think mine is rather obvious,” as Paige rubs her belly.

Linda gives Paige a look as if to say there is no catching up to do. Paige just smiles, shaking her head, yes.

Paige’s eyes light up as Linda presents the large casserole dish, of lasagna and the homemade bread she had to go along with it.      “Good man Ludvik,” Troy declared, as Ludvik came around refilling glasses. “A toast, To our beautiful hostess, for putting up with us, this next few weeks, and her lovely knew friend, who seems to have brought out the best in our Linda. Thank you both. Skol”

The dinner party continued on well into the night. Troy finally took Paige and her growing pregnant belly to bed, leaving Ludvik and Linda alone.

“Goodnight you two. Let me know if you need anything else.”

“I am sure we will be fine until morning. Thank you for everything Linda. Goodnight.”

The door to their room, closed soundly, and Linda collapsed on the couch. “So, Mr. Vidar, what shall we do the remainder of this night?”

Ludvik honestly didn’t want to leave. “I could help you clean up and with the dishes.”

“And after that?”

“I am sure we can think of something.”

Linda knew he could. She knew she could trust him, no matter what it was. He would never harm her. He respected the fact that she didn’t want sex, in their relationship yet.

“Ok, back to work then.”

Ludvik followed Linda back into the kitchen. He stopped as they entered it, pulled her close and just held her for a few moments. Linda melted into his strong arms.

“You know I could stay like this all night, wrapped in your strong capable arms.”

“Could you?”

“Yes, I could.”

“I think then we have decided to spend the rest of tonight once we finish up in here.”

Morning rolls around, and Linda wakes, still curled up next to Ludvik, her in her long furry pajamas, and him in his clothes he had worn to her house the night before.

“Good morning Linda. How did you sleep?”

“Surprisingly good. You are quite a comfortable pillow, you know that?” Linda teased. Ludvik, pulled Linda on top of him, her legs straddling his waist, he then brought her lips to his.

“You are more beautiful every day, you know that.”

Linda smiled, and returned her lips to his.

They finally crawled from bed when they heard movement in the kitchen. Linda went into her bathroom, showered, and dressed, before heading to the kitchen to start coffee and food for the others. She left Ludvik in her room as she exited it.

“Good morning Troy, Paige not up yet?”

“Yeah, she was earlier, but she had some major morning sickness. I think she is finally back to sleep.”

“Oh, bless her poor heart. Is there anything I can do to help her?”

“No, she is doing what is best, now. Resting.”

Linda smiled, and took Troy’s word for this, considering she had no knowledge of the condition.

“What time is your interview this morning?”

“I have to be here,” and Troy held up a paper, as Ludvik emerged from Linda’s bedroom freshly showered. Troy just stood there gawking at Ludvik. He knew, per Paige, Linda didn’t have sex, nor would she until she was married.

“The time Troy?” Linda Prompted.

“OH, yes… It’s nine o’clock.” Troy stated after looking at his watch.

“Not the current time Troy, the time of your interview?”

“I’m sorry Linda, I was just a bit shocked. I have to be there at a quarter to ten.”

“Would you like some coffee, or breakfast? There is enough time for me to make some if you like.”

“Or,” Ludvik spoke up, “He and I could drop by the coffee shop on the way to his interview.”

“Your call Troy.”

“I think I will go with Ludvik, and let you enjoy the peace and quiet of the morning to yourself.”

Linda walked over and straightened Troy’s tie. “Good luck on the interview. Not that you need it, I am pretty sure you have this job, if you want it.”

“Thank you Linda.”

Ludvik gives Linda a goodbye hug, and while he is locked in the embrace, he whispers in her ear, “Please remember I am but a phone call or text away, as is Bjorn. Bjorn will stay with you in your shadow, if you choose today. I will be back later this evening, if that is okay with you.”

“ It is, and thank you.” Linda then kisses Ludvik goodbye, and walks them out.

Paige finally emerges from her room, around noon. Troy is back from his interview, with wonderful news.

“Baby, I got the job. I can start asap.”

“Oh Troy, I knew you could do it.

“Does this mean, we get to go apartment hunting for you two?”

“Actually,” Troy pipes up, “It means we go house hunting. They gave me a rather large sign on bonus.”

The two girls squealed as if they were back in high school.


The work week went by very quickly for Linda, before she knew it Friday was upon her. She had set up a date, for herself & Ludvik, and Bjorn& Katie. Ludvik volunteered to host, and while Linda spent her day working at the office, guarded by her gargoyle sitting outside of her window, Ludvik prepared the food.

Ludvik arrived home from the farmers market. His purchases lay nestled in a basket, on his counter. His attention had been pulled away from what he was doing by a text message.

“Vidar, I need to see you immediately, It is a matter of the utmost importance!”

Ludvik didn’t even take the time to respond. He immediately dropped what he was doing, and disappeared from earth.

“What is wrong? Why the urgent text?”

“It wasn’t so urgent, I want an update, on the situation.”

“The situation? And couldn’t Mimir have given you an update?”

“The situation, the situation is you guarding the girl! You making sure you are doing your job! You keeping all of earth safe!”

“Why would I ever expect anything more from you Odin?”

“Do not speak to me in such a manner. I am not your brother, nor am I one of your “friends”. I am your ruler, your father, and I will have respect.”

“Enough of this,” Mimir begins as he enters the hall. “What is occurring? Vidar why are you here and not on earth? You have things to be doing.”

And with that, Vidar disappears leaving nothing but a glowing blue light.

“What in the hell were you thinking, Odin? You are going to end up messing everything up. “

“I need answers Mimir. I can’t just sit up here twiddling my thumbs while he and Thor are down on earth, doing everything.”

“Would you like a post as a gargoyle Odin?” Mimir questioned.

“Do not insult me old man. I am still the ruler of the gods.”

“That may be, but I am the ruler here Odin, do not forget this. I can force you to ascend, and take everything over myself. I do you a favor allowing you to sit on my council and aid me in my decision making. Don’t make me regret this decision.”

“You are right Mimir, I am just worried. Vidar is becoming too attached to this girl. Will he be able to end her life if it is necessary?”

“I have every faith in him Odin, you should as well. He is your son after all.”

“That he is Mimir, that he is.”







©2015 ML Steele

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