Daily Prompt

The boys wore open bathrobes and striped shorts, as they sat waiting on their coach. It was the first day of swim camp and these two boys were the smallest. They became fast buddies, and spent every waking moment they could together. Those are the memories I carry with me, as I will watch them graduate tonight from high school.

One of the boys belongs to me. The other, well he is my “adoptive” son. He spent more time in my house over the years, than he did his own. He was the brother to my son, I was never able to give. He was the friend, and ally as well. I can’t help but dread the empty feeling my house will contain as these two head off on their next adventure of college. For now, I will help them with their ties, and their caps and gowns.

It is time to leave. Time for me to  sit in the stands, and watch these two accept these lovely pieces of paper for their hard work and school career achievements. I am wearing a new dress, the same color as each of their new suits. Suddenly the boys , or maybe I should say young men . They appear with something behind their backs. They tell me to close my eyes, and not peek. I do as instructed. After a few moments, they say open them. What a lovely surprise. There pinned to the top of my dress, is a corsage, not just any corsage, but a stephanotis corsage.

The End

©2015 ML Steele and JB Steele

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