Part 8

Ok, so I managed to get this next section done a bit ahead of time. I was sorta confined to the house, and stuck on the couch a lot the last couple of days. I figured why not try getting this part done and move on to another. That way once school starts, maybe I can get posts up quicker. Happy Reading my friends , and thanks once again Y’all!! MLSteele


Ludvik arrived back in his home on earth. He showered, dressed, and headed out to Linda’s. He decided to take the route that would lead him down to her corner market, so maybe he could run into her and Thor. Then he could see secretly how she responded to Thor, He could see if he had any reason for jealousy.

     Ludvik arrived at the market, and spotted Thor, he was almost completely on top of a woman. Ludvik could only see their back sides, and to him it looked like Linda with him. They laughed and joked, and the man picked up an eggplant, and made some comment, the woman touching the man’s shoulder, then began rubbing it. The couple  turned. Their faces now visible to  Ludvik .  He could see exactly who they were. It was Linda, and Thor. They were openly flirting and couldn’t seem to keep their hands off one another.

Ludvik had had enough, he turned and looked away. He decided he would walk on to Linda’s apartment, and wait for them there. The closer he got the more upset he grew. How could he ever think he could compete with Thor, and what was Linda anyway, but a woman who was only briefly here, to be with Fenrir, never him nor Thor. He was only her protector. The one who would be required to kill her, and soon, if things didn’t start to look up soon. He should feel nothing towards her, especially not what he currently did. Ludvik decided on that walk to Linda’s home, he would be a protector, nothing more, nothing less.

Linda and Bjorn arrived back at her place, and immediately headed up stairs. She thanked him for watching over her, and apologized he had to do it in the first place.

“No problem,” Bjorn said, “You are important to Ludvik, he is my brother, I would do anything for him.”

Linda smiled at Bjorn, then headed into her apartment. As she went to close the door, she stuck her head back out and said,    “You should come to dinner some night as well.”

“Name the time and place, and I will be there.”

“Maybe sometime next week. I will need to check my work calendar.” Or more so, Katie’s. Linda’s mind was working in overdrive, thinking of how Bjorn would be a perfect match for Katie.

“Could you hang around here until Ludvk returns, it would make me feel better.”

“Sure, I’ll wait here at the door, in the hall.”

“You sure you don’t want to come inside?”

“No ma’am, I am good here.”

Linda smiles and closes the door, leaving it unlocked incase Bjorn needed anything, or Ludvik surprised her arriving early.

Ludvik climbed the stairs to Linda’s apartment, each step, he grew more and more distant from what had been occurring between him and Linda. Finally he reached the top, the tenth floor, and who was standing there, but Thor. He was outside Linda’s door pacing back and forth. Ludvik wondered how he could have gotten here so fast. He then thought the elevator. Ludvik was gruff with him, but thanked him nonetheless for going with Linda and keeping an eye on her. He then entered her apartment, hoping to catch her showering or changing, or something that would confirm what he knew, what he had seen. However, when he opened the door, he heard music and singing coming from the kitchen. He follow the sound of Linda’s voice, and found her elbow deep in dough.

He asked rather brusquely, “How was your trip to the market.”

Starteled, Linda turns around and drops an egg in the floor. It was then very apparent she could not have been in the market only a few minutes ago. Linda was covered in flour, and in a dress with an apron tied on. Not to mention the fact, she was so far into the dough, she had to have been back for at least an hour.

Ludvik’s mind went straight to Fenrir and the demons. Fenrir must have figured out more than Ludvik thought. He would have to be more careful. Fenrir was apparently able to cause Ludvik to see what he chose, what he knew would cause Ludvik such great distress.

“Oh darn, could you hand me another egg out of the fridge, please,” Linda asked.

Ludvik stood there dazed, lost in his own thoughts. Linda walked over, and waved a dough covered hand in front of his face. He felt so stupid for the thoughts he had, had. For the anger he felt for his brother and Linda at the moment he thought he had been betrayed. He grabbed ahold of Linda, and kissed her long and hard.

When Ludvik released Linda, she smiled and gasping for breath uttering, “May I please have the egg now.”

Ludvik rolled up his sleeves, after removing his jacket, and jumped in helping Linda finish making dinner for tonight.

“You want me to make an appetizer tray?”

“That would be lovely. Look in the fridge, and you will find several items I bought for it at the market.”

“Before I start, let me message Bjorn. I need to ask him a favor.”


“I’m sorry I was a bit gruff with you earlier, just everything seems to be hitting home today. I hope you can forgive me.”

“There is nothing to forgive Vidar, I can relate. I haven’t been in your shoes, but I see how fond you are of Linda. I will do all in my power to help.”

“Thank you Thor, that means the world.”

“By the way, Linda invited me to dinner this week, she said she needs to check her schedule, and get back to me.

“Sounds fun, helping Linda now, I’ll talk with you more, later.”

“Sure enough, have fun.”

As Ludvik came back into the kitchen, he stated, “Bjorn said you invited him to dinner?”

“Oh, Yes. I thought he would be a good match for my girlfriend Katie.”

“I see.”

“You, weren’t jealous were you Ludvik?”

Ludvik stood there a moment, and finally said,” I can’t lie, I was. My brother is what every woman wants. He is the perfect man. I, I…”

“You are perfect to me. I adore you. I am not looking for Bjorn or any other man. I promise.”

Ludvik knew this for certain when she stated it. He walked over, picking her up from the floor, and hugged her tightly. His lip’s landed upon hers, carefully caressing them.

“Linda, You just made me feel so much better.”

“Glad to be of assistance sir.” Linda then threw a wink in Ludvik’s direction as she resumed the sauce she had been working on.

The day progressed into evening, and at six o’clock Thor messaged Ludvik.

“A man and woman are on their way up to Linda’s apartment.”

“Thank you, you sure they weren’t demons, in disguise?”

Thor laughed at his brother joking around with him. His mood seemed to have improved greatly, Thor thought, as he typed “Yes, I am sure.

Ludvik moved towards the door, and began unbolting the locks in anticipation of the couple who would be arriving soon. Linda was still in the kitchen finishing setting the table for dinner.


©2015 ML Steele

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