Part 7

Morning rolls around, and Linda wakes by rolling off her couch and into the floor. She looks up to see Ludvik standing in front of her holding coffee.

“Oh bless your heart. I need that to function.”She reaches up and grabs the cup, taking a huge drink.

Giving Linda a hand, “Would you like help up?” Linda returns  the cup of coffee in Ludvik’s extended hand.

“I think I can manage.”

Linda’s reminder on her phone goes off. She slowly gets up from the floor, and retrieves it from the table behind the couch.

“Oh, I forgot. Paige and Troy are due in today. They are traveling from my hometown, and staying with me for a few days, while Troy goes on a few interviews. I have been bugging them for ages to move up here with me, and when I did some work for a local hospital, I found out they were in need of someone with the special skills Troy has. I had Paige send me a copy of Troy’s resume, and they called immediately.”

A look of concerned crossed Ludvik’s face. “May I still see you, even though they are here?”

“Of course. As a matter of fact, we should all have dinner tonight. I’m a decent cook. I can cook a cozy dinner, and they can rest.They will be exhausted from travel. Would you mind spending another evening in, that is if you are free.”

“Let me check my calendar.” Ludvik opens his calendar and says, I think I can pencil you in. He turns his phone around, to show no events scheduled. Linda laughs.

“Are you hungry? I usually just have coffee in the morning, but I could fry you an egg and make some toast if you like.”

“Actually, I need to head home for a bit, I will be back in a little while. If you need me, just call or text and I will be here immediately.”

Linda looked a bit worried still, after yesterday evening. Ludvik walked over, and run the back of his hand down her cheek. “You look so lovely this morning.” He paused, then added, “I will have my brother stay in the lobby. I took the liberty of programming his number in your cell while you slept. Bjorn is his name, and he will be glad to help in any way he can.”

“Is he the one who brought the food and the movies?”

Ludvik turned a bit red as he remembered the porn Thor had slipped in the mix. “Yes, he is. He is a bit of a character, but he is honest, and a good guy. He will keep you safe when I’m not here.”

“You trust him, then?”

“I do, with my life.”

“I will too, then. Thank you Ludvik.”

“Thank you, for what?”

“For actually caring enough about a girl you just met.”

Ludvik then pulled Linda in close. We may never have sex, but I can surely kiss you. His lips then found hers.

Linda began busying herself with the task of getting her apartment in order. She stripped the sheets off the spare bedroom bed, and threw them into the wash, wanting to freshen them. She went through the room dusting the furniture, she wiped down the mirror and the metal bed frame, and lastly she steamed the floor. Next she moved on to the guest bath. It was fairly clean, just a quick wipe down with a wipe here and there, to freshen things up. She added extra towels. She also added new, soap to the shower, along with shampoo and conditioner. Then it was on to the kitchen and living room.

Several hours passed, as Linda rushed about getting thing in her apartment ready for her guests. She decided she should make a trip to the corner market, to pick up things for dinner, and for Troy and Paige breakfast. She sat making a list as she ate her lunch.

     Linda decides to send a message to Ludvik. “I’m just finishing up lunch, and fixing to head to the market. How is your day going?”

     “Sounds very nice. I will ensure Bjorn follows.”

     “How will I know what he looks like?”

     “You will have no problems, he is quite handsome. Some say, the ideal man for any woman.” Ludvik began to worry a bit, that Linda may actually fall for Thor, as most women who met him did.

“Okay then, I will look for Mr. Tall dark and handsome.” Linda giggled as she sent the last text.

     It was two o’clock and Linda knew if she was going to have dinner ready for everyone’s arrival at six, she could waste no more time. She collected her things, sent one last text to Ludvik, and headed out.

“Leaving now, see you at six, or sooner if you miss me.”

     Linda stepped from her home, into the hall, and immediately began locking the locks. She was met in the lobby, by a man, who to her was quite plain and ordinary. However, she knew he was Ludvik’s brother, by the eyes.

“You must be Bjorn? I’m Linda, nice to meet you.” Linda then cleared a hand of items she was carrying in order to shake.

“Very nice to meet you ma’am. I’m Bjorn. I have heard all about you from Ludvik.”

Linda blushed a bit, asking “Shall we go?”      Bjorn held the door open, and off they went.

Ludvik had left Linda’s and gone to Valhalla. He wanted to know what was being done to find Fenrir, and how a demon managed to find its way into Linda’s building. Mimir was waiting as he entered the gates.

“Good morning my boy, how are things?”

“They could be a bit better. Any idea how that demon managed to find Linda’s building?”

“We are still working on it Vidar. How are things with you and Linda? Getting better acquainted yet?”

“You know as well as I do, you watch my every move with her.” Vidar was a bit snippy with Mimir. Mimir, however understood. He felt the same frustration as Vidar. He also felt the same feeling of utter helplessness, at knowing how their world would end if Linda was found again by Fenrir and the prophecy was fulfilled.

“Vidar,” Mimir placed a hand on Vidar’s arm. “There are three strands to every string in life. You know that as well as I. First strand will lead Linda straight to Fenrir, and the fall of the protectors and the gargoyles. All of earth will be turned into a playground of those from hell. And Linda, she will die. That is for certain.”

“I know this” Vidar stated. I know all too well.”

“Ah, of course you do, and you know of the second strand. You know how it shows Linda going once again into Limbo, and Fenrir returning to the underworld. This is the one that keeps occurring.”

Vidar nodded, he knew this as well. He wandered if he would have the strength and willpower, to kill her. If it meant saving her from Fenrir, and the first fate. “And the final strand Mimir, what does it hold?”

“Alas Vidar, no one knows that is the problem. There are many possibilities that could occur.”

“In any of those possibilities, does Linda live? Does Linda get the happy ending?”

“Vidar it isn’t for any of us to say. What will occur only time can tell. You must protect her. When and if the time comes, you must kill her. You swore an oath. You can’t go back on that.”

“I know sir. I will do it if I must. It will be better than the alternative.”

“Right you are Vidar. Right you are.”

Mimir walks around to his sofa, and sits. He pats the seat beside him, beckoning Vidar to sit as well. “Now, about this evening, Linda is introducing you to her friends?”

“Yes sir. She is making us all dinner tonight.”

“Then I suggest you get a move on and quit wasting time here with me. You must keep her safe, and away from Fenrir. You can’t do that if you are here, and she is there. Besides, you don’t want her getting to close to Thor do you? You know he can have any woman he chooses. The less time he spends with Linda face to face the better.”

Vidar knew this all to well. Women flocked to his brother, not to him. He was rather unknown, and awkward around the opposite sex. All that is except for Linda.

“Yes sir. I will head back then.” Vidar seemed a bit sad to Mimir.


“Yes Mimir”

“We still have the third strand. Don’t lose hope.”

Vidar managed a small smile, as he disappeared, leaving a shining blue light behind.







©2015 ML Steele

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