Part 6

Back on earth that evening, Ludvik arrived at Linda’s apartment at a quarter to six. He knocked on her door and got no answer, so he decided to walk down to the coffee shop to see if she was there. As he steps out of the elevator on the ground floor, his eyes light up as he sees Linda. However it doesn’t last long, as he sees what is on Linda’s heels. Headed straight in her building door is a demon.

Ludvik greets Linda, and quickly pulls her into the elevator. He hits the tenth floor button, and they lurch upward as the elevator begins to rise. Ludvik pulls out his phone with no explanation to Linda and begins speaking to someone in Norse. Linda picks up enough of the conversation to realize someone has discovered where she is living. One thought comes to mind…… Her mugger. Linda becomes frantic as Ludvik puts his phone away. She pulls out her pepper spray.

Down in the lobby, Thor arrives to find the demon sniffing around. He is pretty sure, it has only wandering in Linda’s building, by mistake. He pulls Mjölnir from his belt, and proceeds towards the demon.

Ludvik looks down and starts to ask, but even before the words leave his lips Linda blurts out, “I could understand some of what you said. I don’t know how or why, but I did.” She holds the can up as the doors to the elevator begin to open, preparing to spray. No one is there. A bolt of lightning lights up the sky, showing through the windows, on Linda’s level. Followed immediately by a massive rumble of thunder. Linda grabs on to Ludvik, to steady herself. She then corrects herself and is back in attack mode, with her can held high.

As Ludvik begins exiting the elevator, he receives a text. “The assailant is in custody. Ms. Dalton is safe.” He turns his phone, and shows Linda. He then texts a message in return, and hits send.

Ludvik puts his hand over hers and lowers the can.

After they enter Linda’s apartment, she asks Ludvik, if he would like anything. He says “No thank you.” He then says, “We can stay in if you would rather.”

Linda, still physically shaken from the incident which had just occurred, says “You sure you wouldn’t mind staying in?”

“Not at all. I could order take out, and maybe a movie?”

“That sounds like heaven, to be honest. Would you mind, if I took a shower, to wash off the day’s dust, and makeup? I won’t be a few minutes.”

“You go ahead take your time and get comfortable. I can order take out, and see what is at the box to rent. You have a T.V. and DVD player don’t you?”

Linda began to giggle. “Of course I do. It’s just not on display.”

Linda then walks over to the panels on the wall, and pulls them open, revealing a television, DVD player, and stereo system.

“Nice. I like you keep it hidden.”

“Thank you. I shall return, make yourself comfortable.”

Linda headed towards the shower. Ludvik walks into Linda’s kitchen, talking to someone on the phone. Linda assumes he is ordering the takeout, and collects her things and crawls into the shower. Ludvik waits to hear the water start, then he turns off the phone, and suddenly disappears with a flash of blue light.

“Hello brother, how are you?”

“I am well, how are you?”

“Doing quite well.” Thor then holds his arm up revealing a watch similar to Ludvik’s.

“Mimir gave you one?”

“Yes. He said on days such as today, it would be required. I am to be Linda’s shadow, so to speak from now on.”

“And the demon? You ended it?”

“I did. It took a bit of work, but I managed.” Thor threw a quick wink at Ludvik. “The demon never saw Linda, it was popping in and out of all the buildings around here, probably searching for her for Fenrir.”

“How can you be sure?”

“I can’t. But what can you do, outside of camp out on her doorstep?”

“I know. Which in a way, that is what you will be doing.” Ludvik gave a hearty laugh. “And Thor?”

“Yeah, Vidar?”

“Thank you.”

“Hey man, any time. You know I love hunting demons. It’s what I live for.”

With that, Ludvik disappeared.

About fifteen minutes passed, and there was a knock on Linda’s front door. Ludvik opens it, and who was standing there, holding the Chinese food Ludvik had “ordered” but Thor. He hands Ludvik the bag of food, and a few movies, and hits the road.

“Was that the food being delivered?”

Ludvik holds up the bag and the movies.

“Oh smart man, I like Chinese. And movies, did you go out for them?” Linda looked a bit concerned being left alone in her apartment, while showering. Especially after whoever it was had followed her.

“No, I didn’t go out your door. I had all of it delivered.”

Linda smiled, as she walked over and relieved Ludvik of the bag. “Shall I make us plates, while you get the movie on?”

By this time, the storm was in full swing. Rain pouring down, more lightning, and large rumbles of thunder, mimicking the one from earlier today. Ludvik pulls his phone out, and sends one simple message, “Thanks for the weather Thor.”


“What would you like?”

Not knowing what had been delivered, he tells Linda, “I’m good with anything.”

Linda headed to the kitchen, leaving Ludvik alone in her living room, to deal with the movies. He began looking through the movies, Thor had brought. It seemed there was nothing but romance, and what was this? A porn? “Thor’s Big Hammer!” What was Thor thinking…. Ludvik decides to hide the movie behind one of the cushions on Linda’ couch, and retrieve it later. He couldn’t chance leaving again, not with her in the kitchen making their food.

Linda emerged bringing two similarly made plates of food. She smiled to Ludvik, then placed them on her coffee table and headed back into the kitchen.

She hollered out, “What would you like to drink? I have wine, beer, or soda pop. Or you could have water or milk.”

Ludvik came walking into the kitchen and said, “What are you having?”

Linda smiled and said, “I was going to have a beer.”

“I will as well.”

The two settled in and ate their dinner, as they suffered through a romantic comedy. Finally the movie had ended, and Linda asked Ludvik if he would like some coffee.

“I would love some.”

“I will go and put a pot on then.”

They head into the kitchen, and Linda begins making the coffee while Ludvik takes a seat at one of the bar stools at her island.

“So, you are not a fan of Romantic comedies either?”

“Not really, I’m sorry Ludvik, I hope that doesn’t hurt your feelings, seeing as you picked it and all.”

“Not at all. I realized they are not for me either, but I thought I would give that one a try, seeing it looked least awful of them all.”

Linda laughed. She then walked over to the bag of food, reached in, and produces two fortune cookies. She hands one to Ludvik, and she keeps the other.

“You ready?”

“Ready, for what?”

“Opening cookies. It’s a family thing. We open them at the same time, then swap and read.”

“Ok then, I am ready.”

“On your mark, get set, open.”

They both open their cookies, then quickly swap.

“You read mine first,” Linda urges Ludvik.

“You will meet a tall handsome stranger, who will sweep you off your feet, and give you all you want in life.”

“Hum… that sounds a bit unbelievable.” Linda thought two can play at this game. “No matter how are you try, you won’t get lucky with your current love interest.”

Ludvik didn’t smile though. This hit him hard and brought his reality back home. He then asked, “Is that what you think I’m trying for with you?”

Linda was stumped, and a bit embarrassed. “No, I was only kidding, because you were with mine. I thought we were just being silly.”

Ludvik then turns his slip of paper and shows it to Linda. And there in tiny block writing is the exact words he said. Linda feels awful.

“Ludvik, I am sorry, I honestly thought you were playing.”

Ludvik smiles at Linda, “it is okay. It just made me feel bad. I am not looking for that Linda, I don’t care if we never have sex. I like you, I like being with you.”

Linda blushes, “Oh Ludvik. I have something to explain. I’m still a virgin, and I plan on staying that way until I know I am with who I was meant for.” This seemed to bring Ludvik down even further.

“Shall I make us coffee? And we can go and watch another awful Romantic comedy.”

Ludvik managed a small smile, “Sure. I take mine with a bit of cream only.”

“Are you stalking me? That is how I take mine as well.”

Linda makes their coffee, rather large cups of it. “It’s Friday night, I figured we could stay up all night, watching movies, if that is okay.”

“I would love that, honestly. Just to sit and relax with you, it sounds like a little piece of heaven.”

Ludvik takes both coffees and heads to the living room. Linda heads over to change out the movie. When she finishes, their coffees are sitting on the coffee table, so she walks around to the opposite end of the couch. She plans on laying with her head snuggled in close to Ludvik, if he does not object. As she passes the pillow, she notices something behind her cushion, she goes in to grab it, and Ludvik shouts “No!!”

“What is this? Thor’s Big Hammer?” Linda’s eyes grow quite large at the cover of the video, she also turns redder than she has ever in her life.

“It is my brother Bjorn’s idea of a joke. I am sorry, I found it at the bottom of the pile. He thinks he is a comedian.”

Linda stood there, eyeing the video. “Well we could watch it, if you wanted.”

It was Ludvik’s turn to drop his jaw. “You don’t really want to, do you?”

Linda was a bit embarrassed. “I am curious, is all. I have never seen one, nor have I had sex, and I am curious, as to exactly what goes on.”

“No, we will watch a romantic comedy. This only shows the sex side of it. It does not show the love, and commitment that goes along with it. When you experience for the first time, let it be pure, and unadulterated. Let it be from the love you have in your heart, not from something you watched on a screen.”

Linda felt herself falling a bit more for this beautiful man.



©2015 ML Steele

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