Three o’clock rolled around, and it was quitting time today for Linda. She walked to her window, peeking out once again at the gargoyle. She smiled and waved to him. 

“See you tomorrow my friend, and hopefully by then, I will have a name for you.”

“See you tomorrow Linda. I have a name… but alas, you cannot hear me……”

Linda closes the window and the blind. She collects her things, and heads out her office door, closing and locking it behind herself. She meets Katie, and the two set off to get a little shopping done, before Linda is to meet Ludvik.

“Hey, you ready?” Linda asks as she stands in the doorway to Katie’s office.

“Sure, let me grab my brief case, and I will meet you out front.”

Linda headed out to the front of the building. She thought she would try and spy her gargoyle friend. Sure enough, as she looked up there he sat, not far from her. She smiled, thinking people might think her crazy if she waved, or spoke.

Katie appeared outside, about fifteen minutes later.

“Hey, sorry I took so long, I received a last minute call.”

“No biggie. You ready?”

“Yes, but what were you looking at?”

“The gargoyle. He seems to have popped up here overnight.”

Katie drops her keys, and bends over to pick them up. Her backside, facing the gargoyle.

“Oh come on baby, show me those panties. Bend a little farther. No, well I can help that. Njord, could you help me out here?”

Katie is wearing a knee length skirt. Suddenly there is a huge gust of wind, and her skirt flies up around her head, revealing her red lace panties.

“Good thing I didn’t go commando today,” Katie giggled as she pulled her skirt back down where it belonged.

Linda smiled, and looked up at the gargoyle.

The gargoyle was still there, solid stone. However he was who called the wind. Suddenly a flock of pigeons fly over, Linda watching. They relieve themselves on the gargoyles head. Linda can’t help but laugh, as she and Katie head out.

“Really? I didn’t hurt anyone, it was only fun. Yes sir, I will report to you when I return to Valhalla.”

Seven o’clock on the dot, and Ludvik enters the café. Linda arrived ahead of him, and is already seated her usual spot, towards the back.

Ludvik approaches Linda’s table, a smile on his face.

“Hello there.”

Linda looks up from her book smiling as well. “Hello back at you.”

“May I sit?”

“Of course.”

“Have you ordered food yet?”

“No, I was about to. You are very punctual. I like that.”

“What is good?”

“I was going to get a grilled cheese, and maybe some tomato soup to go with.”

“Hum that sounds interesting. I will try it too.”

Linda flagged down the waitress, and the two placed their order for food, and Ludvik a coffee.

Ludvik presents Linda with a small gift bag, as he sits across from her at the small table.

“What is this?”

“It’s just a little something, I thought you may need.”

Linda opens the bag, and inside is a can of pepper spray. It is unlike any she had seen before, but it looks very easy to use and says it is guaranteed to take down a grizzly bear, or the toughest mugger around. Linda laughs a bit.

“Thank you, Ludvik.”

“I know you emptied yours last night in the attackers eyes, so……”

Linda smiled as he seemed a bit lost for words.

They sit talking for hours, Ludvik telling Linda of his life where he is from and what he does for a living. She sits engrossed, hanging on his every word. As his hand touches hers, her eyes meet his. She feels the pull of sexual energy towards him. Something she has never felt before. She carefully retracts her hand. He smiles and picks up his coffee.

“Linda, when may I see you again?”

She looks at her watch and says,” Maybe later on today, we could have dinner.”

“Where and when?”

She snickers, and says, “I’m off work at five, so maybe we could meet about six.”

Very serious Ludvik states, “That will never work.” After a short pause, he adds simpering “I won’t be back until eight o’clock, provided there are no inflight delays.”

“We could meet at nine?”

Grinning ear to ear, “Eight forty- five, and I will meet you at your apartment.”


Ludvik, then looks at his watch, and says, “It’s already three am. I have an early flight.”

Linda adds, “Yes, I should be going too I am going to dread getting up at eight in the morning.”

“May I walk you home Linda?”

“Sure.” A smile touching Linda’s lips.

Picking up Linda’s book, “What is this you are reading?”

Linda began collecting her things and placing them in her knew backpack she picked up today after work.

“You didn’t notice when you retrieved them from my attacker last night?

As he hands the book back to her, “That would be rude, wouldn’t it, to nose through a woman’s book and read the underlined passages.”

At this Linda turns red.

“I didn’t read your notes. I just found it very intriguing that you were interested in thirteenth century Gothic architecture and the introduction of gargoyles to building. You seem to like it more than the romance part of the book.”

Linda places the book in her backpack, along with all her other things. The red fading from her cheeks, “Ever since they started erecting a new building outside my office window using similar architecture as what is found in my book, I find it fascinating. Yesterday, a gargoyle appeared. It was as if he popped up overnight.”

Ludvik gazes at Linda as she continues talking.

“You may find this rather odd, but when I noticed him I opened the window and said hello. I told him I would give him a name.”

At this Ludvik laughs a bit, but then he gets all serious again stating, “You know that gargoyles are protectors. If you have one so close, then he must be keeping an on you.”

Linda assumes he is joking, and states, “in that case, maybe I should name him Tom.”

Ludvik, looks at Linda confused. She smiles and say “A peeping Tom.”

Ludvik lets out a small chuckle, “Maybe something a bit more, noble for your protector?

Linda says, “You are very noble. In fact you were my hero last night. I could name him Ludvik.””

“You have the only Ludvik you need in your life, right here in front of you.”

“In that case I think I shall name him Thor. He looks so hot with his hammer in movies.”

At this Ludvik openly laughs!

“Shall we be off?”

Linda slings her bag over her shoulder, grabs Ludvik’s hand, and proceeds out the door.

The walk home was very quiet and calm, no worries for Linda tonight as she neared the turn into the alley. She had her strong protector with her. She also had her knew bottle of pepper spray. As Linda rounded the corner, she was able to see the light bulb had been changed in the very area her attack had occurred.

“Did you have something to do with the light bulb getting changed up there?” As she pointed to the light.

He turns looking down at her. He brings his hand up to her chin, his lips finding hers. Their first kiss is a surprise to Linda, a very good surprise. His lips are soft and gentle. Being so close to him, she feels as if her body is on fire. She feels something stirring deep inside of her, coming to life.

When his lips finally withdraw from hers, she stutters out the words, “I have been after them to fix that light for over a year.”

His lips then find hers once more. He kisses her for a long time as they stand in the street under the street light for all to see.

Finally they resumed the walk home. It wasn’t too much farther. Ludvik opened the door, and Linda walked through.

“This should have a passcode Linda, no one should be able to just walk into your lobby off the street.”

“With what I pay in rent here, I’m lucky I have four walls around me. Don’t get me wrong, it really is a very nice building, but I don’t see them going all out for new expensive security measures.”

She grabs his hand once again and pulls him up the stairs. He follows her, loving the physical contact of this woman. As they reach her door she releases his hand and begins unlocking all of her locks.

He smiles, “Well you are at least secure up here.”

She taps on the door, “solid steel. My dad, got it and added all the locks when I moved in here.”

Ludvik smiles and says, “Smart man.”

Linda unlocks the last lock, and opens the door. She flips on the light and sets her bag just inside the door, on the floor. She then moves towards Ludvik, to hug him. He pulls her into his arms, and his lips are immediately back on hers. He picks her up as if she were a mere flower, her legs wrap around his body, and he leans her against the wall as he kisses her mouth, his fingers in her hair. Her hands go to his shoulders, slowly run down his back, touching his muscular body.

Suddenly his phone goes off and they calm their selves back down.

He carefully sets her back on the floor and softly kisses her lips one last time saying, “Until tomorrow.”

Linda smiles and says “Later today.”

Ludvik smiles back as she heads inside, and begins locking the locks. She stands smiling, as she touches her lips, remembering his there. Then she heads off to bed.


Ludvik or in Valhalla Vidar, arrived after receiving a message on his phone from his father. As he enters he is met by Thor.

“Vidar, what are you thinking? They can see everything we do. You were not returned to the realm of earth to sow your wild oats. You were sent to protect Linda.”

“I know. I can’t explain it. It is as if we have no control over ourselves……”

Thor laughs heartily saying, “Brother they are called hormones. It is a side effect of being a human. As a god we can turn those emotions off but as a human they rule our life.”

“You to have felt this?

“Almost daily when I walk amongst mortal women.”

“I can’t recall feeling this until now.”

“You did Vidar, however when you left earth, your memory left you as well.”

The brothers continue walking and chatting, until they are met by their father. Vidar greets his father simply by saying Odin. Odin responds by saying Vidar. They continue on to where The Protector waits.

As Odin opens the door Mimir, The Protector, says “Only Vidar enter.”

The three men followed his order. Vidar enters, as the doors closes. Mimir sprinkles what appears to be a spice, across the entry way of the door, shutting off the ability for others to listen in. Mimir walks over to Vidar, his hand going to Vidar’s back.

“Good job last night my boy,” as his hand rests on Vidar’s shoulder. Vidar, starts to remove the special watch from his wrist which allows him to stay a human, even in daylight. Mimar says “No, keep it for now. You may have other times in which it will be necessary for you to walk in the daylight.”

“Thank you my friend.”

“I placed Thor at Linda’s office window as you requested.” He added “All has gone well. Linda, she seems like a very nice human.”

Vidar smiles.

“You are quite fond of her, already?”

“Yes, I can’t explain it. It feels as if we have always known one another.”

“In a way you have. She was created for the thing you were sent to end. Fenrir. She is as old as you and he. She first appeared to us, when it was decided to magically bind Fenrir. Tyr lost his hand at that time. However, Linda’s protector didn’t realize we had captured Fenrir, and ended up killing her. It was quick, she went into limbo, then she was returned when Fenrir escaped and killed Odin. After that, before you sleighed him, once again she was killed. Then she began being reborn every five hundred years. We aren’t sure why this began. She would ultimately end up being killed in some way or other. We thought maybe it was because Fenrir is still able to return from hell. This time……… this time, when he is killed, he must be turned to dust using Gram. That is the only way to ensure his end, his never returning.”

“And Linda?”

Mimir has no answer. He shakes his head, and says, “I do not know until it occurs. No one knows, she is merely a human.

Mimir continues, “She will not have sex until Fenrir, mates with her. She is a virgin, and must stay that way for him. It is something instilled in her. Then and only then, will the prophecy be final.”

Vidar feels saddened, being born for the sole purpose of ending Fenrir. He can’t remember ever having felt anything even remotely close to love or an attraction. He only lived to end Fenrir. It was his drive, his meaning of life. Now, what he feels for Linda, can never be explored more than a kiss. Vidar pushes the thoughts of Fenrir having Linda in this way. The savage way he would take her. Was almost unbearable to him.

“Is anything more.”

Mimir suggests, “You could wear your watch tomorrow evening and surprise her. Arrive early and take her on a romantic date.”

Vidar smiles. “Thank you Sir.”

Mimir smiles and shows Vidar to the door.


©2015 ML Steele

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