Part 3

Suddenly the heat of the hand on Linda’s arm is replaced, by something cool. Linda looks around to see what is happening. Whoever had removed the steamy hairy hand from her arm was now fighting with this creature.

A familiar Norwegian voice yelled, “Run Linda, and don’t stop until you are back home. Lock yourself in, and don’t come out until the sun rises.” Linda did as her protector instructed, without even thinking. The echo of her fading footsteps were soon drowned out by the fighting.

Ludvik had grabbed Fenrir’s hand off of Linda’s arm. He replaced it with his own to cool the burn Fenrir’s smoldering paw left. The two fought hard and ferocious, until Linda is out of sight. Suddenly, Fenrir stood up whirling a rusty chain. He watched as Vidar calmly opened a case and pulled out a three foot metal shaft.

“Seriously? A little thing like that?”

Vidar smirked. “You know about shape shifting, right?”

“Yeah, so?” “How’s that going to stop me from killing you, Norse?”

Vidar smirked, again, and with a twitch of his fingers, the shaft began to increase in size, and glow a bright blue in his hand.

“Ooooooooh pretty.”

The wolf taunted, so evident he was not impressed by Vidar’s choice in weapon. Vidar put a finger to his lips.

“Wait for it……”

As Fenrir watched, a wicked blade manifested from both ends. He began backing up, unconsciously creating space between himself and the giant.

“Well…… that’s impressive. Where did you find that?”

“Borrowed it from a friend. Taigi told me to destroy you with this, since she couldn’t be here to do it herself.”

Vidar lunged before Fenrir could come back with a rejoinder.

Fenrir snarls, “You have no business here Norse, this is my destiny.”

All the while Fenrir moves opposite Ludvik in a circular motion.

“You have no destiny other than to burn for all eternity in hell,” Ludvik yelled.

“We will see about that,” Fenrir growls, baring his jagged teeth. He then slings the metal chain at Ludvik’s head and disappears into the night, leaving behind nothing but the rusty chain, a strange fog, and the smell of burning flesh and hair.

Linda ran, faster and harder than she ever had in her life. She somehow managed to make it inside her house. She clumsily bolted all six locks on the door. Next she grabbed a chair from the kitchen and wedged it under the door. She checked her pocket, and breathed a sigh of relief, her phone was still there. She had silenced it while reading in the coffee shop. She dropped her bag where she stood then headed back into the kitchen. She went to the knife block, and grabbed the biggest knife. She scrammbled into her bedroom, and hid in her closet.

While Linda made her escape, Ludvik fought off her attacker. The feeling he got when touching her hand this evening, was Linda’s deterioration and eventual death. He seen what would happen to her, if Fenrir had been able to capture her. He knew this was why he was here, to protect all of mankind from Fenrir, and that is what he had done.


©2015 ML Steele

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