Part 2

After finishing her third cup of coffee, Linda collects her things, stuffs them into her backpack, and heads out the door on her way home. It’s 2am, and yet the Main Streets are still flooded with people. She walks amongst them, blending in unless she opens her mouth. Her southern accent is all that gives away that this beautiful brown hair, blue eyed woman was not born in this city that never sleeps. She turns the corner, where she heads down an alley. Probably not the smartest thing to do, however, she lives in the apartment on the top floor of the building ahead. The only way to access it is by entering the alley. Three or four laughing women in six inch heels cautiously walk along in front of her. She is mostly unaware of the women. Linda is observing her surroundings, so when the women turn off and leave her all alone, she is no more aware of their absence, than she was of their presence. Linda was worrying about entering the dark section of the alley alone. She reaches in her pocket, and grips the can of pepper, as she enters the dark section her grip tightens even more. Her finger on the trigger ready to spray. Suddenly two piercing eyes, look upon her. Then the words, “we have been expecting you” float her way, along with the smell of burnt flesh. She continues to walk, as if she hears and sees nothing. Her fingers are beginning to turn white from gripping the can so tight. Her heart begins to race. The yellow eyes moves forward into the dim light, snarling “Did you not hear me? What is it you call yourself now, Linda I believe?” Linda stands frozen in shock. How does this stranger know my name? The owner of the yellow eyes reaches Linda. It wraps a steaming hairy hand around her forearm, then growls, “You will come with me.” As it pulls on her left arm reality sets in, and she brings her right hand up and sprays the can. Emptying its contents into the large yellow eyes. The beast begins to laugh. “You think your mortal weapons will harm me?” Linda begins to feel lightheaded. She wonders, was I drugged, am I dreaming?

©2015 ML Steele

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