Part 1: The Introduction

With the earthly death of Odin and the other Norse Gods, life for them did not end. Upon entering the gates of Valhalla, the “Protector” asked each if they would like a second chance at life. A life of great importance. By day, they would be mere stone statues, keeping watch over the spiritual building in which they were perched. But, at night, they would come to life to protect the city and all of its inhabitants from the demon world. The evil fallen who were lead on earth by Fenrir.

Night has fallen as Linda sat reading her book in the café. She looks up and takes a sip of coffee, as a man approaches. He introduces himself as Ludvik Vidar. Linda notices how handsome the stranger is, and his thick Norwegian accent.

She reaches up to take his hand, and says, “I’m Linda.” She then adds, “Very nice to meet you.”Ludvik smiles as his hand closes in on hers. However, when their skin touches he quickly pulls his hand away. His expression on his face changes to concern and he states, “I must go.” He then hands Linda a small piece of paper. She examines it, and in very neat script he has written, his name and phone number. Linda takes the paper, and places it in the back of her book, then pretends to return to reading her book. Ludvik smiles once again, and as he leaves his cheerful carefree demeanor has returned. The feeling of terror he felt when touching Linda having been stored away, for later He throws the comment over his shoulder, “call me some night Linda.” Linda looks up from her book in time to see him wink at her, then he is gone. Linda smiles to herself at this unusual encounter, with such a beautiful man. She orders another coffee, and resumes her reading.


I hope you enjoy as I post the many pieces of this story over the next few weeks. It is still a work in progress. And as always this is a draft, not a finish product. Thanks Y’all ML Steele

©2015 ML Steele


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